Meet the 16" Mini-Might II Table Top Slab Roller

Meet the 16" Mini-Might II Table Top Slab Roller

The Perfect Tool for Rolling Out Even Slabs in Your Home Studio

Author: lyla a/Monday, October 24, 2016/Categories: Featured Products

If you don't have the space or resources for a large production style slab roller but want to make professional quality slabs, we’ve got just the tool for you. Meet the Bailey 16” Mini-Might II Table Top Slab roller; a durable, well-built machine that is easy to operate and produces even slabs every time.

With the Mini-Might, there is no need to labor over making slabs, break the bank, or occupy valuable space in your studio.

When Jim Bailey designed the first Mini-Might, he set out to create a slab roller machine that would satisfy the needs of both the budding ceramics student and the master clay artist. His idea was to produce a slab roller that was easy to use, affordable, and would produce perfectly even slabs of clay every time. Fortunately, Jim's idea came to fruition and the Mini-Might continues to be a customer favorite.

Unlike the traditional rolling pin, the Mini-Might is designed to deliver precision slabs quickly and easily. Thanks to the “dual roller drive” system, the clay and canvas are fed through two rollers simultaneously. The equal compression from the two rollers maintains an even thickness of the finished slab that can be adjusted in 1/8” intervals by adding or subtracting the masonite shims.

Now you can produce consistent slabs that are a manageable size. And with those slabs, the hand-building possibilities are endless! Just think of all the slab-built sculptures or pottery forms you can create.

When you have a 16” Mini-Might II Table Top Slab Roller, you can use it when you need it where you need it, making this a wonderful tool for those of us who don’t have a lot of space in their studio. And for those of us who like to work in more than one location, the Mini-Might II is portable! The Mini-Might II comes with rubber feet that stabilize the machine on just about any level surface. So you really can use it anywhere, anytime, and simply store it out of your way when not in use.

In fact, everything you need to take your lump of clay and transform it into a perfect slab is included with 16” the Mini-Might II Table Top Slab Roller. The Mini-Might comes complete with a shim set, canvas, crank handle, side guides and rubber feet. Learn more about the Bailey 16” Mini-Might II Table Top Slab Roller.


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