Fall Leaf Jewelry Dish

Fall Leaf Jewelry Dish

The fall of leaves during the Autumn season is always a sight to see. As the weather gets cooler and the days shorter, now is a great time to try out some new fall projects. How about this inspired fall leaf jewelry dish?

We use handy Leaf Press Mold Mats to create this project. These tools are great because they release from the clay with ease and can be re-used for seasons to come. To create this project in your studio follow the steps below.

Step 1: Start by rolling out a slab of clay. We used our Mini-Might II Table Top Slab Roller to roll out our Smooth White Clay. Smooth out any texture left by the  canvas of the slab roller using a rubber rib.

Step 2: Choose a Leaf Press Mold Mat. Use a rolling pin like the Mini Roller we used and roll over the back of Leaf Press Mold Mat with it so that the textured side of the mat makes an impression into the surface of the clay. 

Step 3. Use a needle tool to cut around the edges of the Leaf Mold.

Step 4: Remove the leaf mold from the clay leaf and drape the clay leaf into a bowl with the leaf texture facing up. You can use a small wooden bowl or a bisque fired bowl like we did here. If you don't have a bowl to use, simply form the clay leaf into a bowl shape in the palm of your hand. 

Step 5: Let the clay leaf set up in the bowl and then remove it while still leather hard. 

Step 6: Clean up the back side of the clay dish with a wet finishing sponge.

Step 7: Continue to clean up the back side of the clay dish with a soft rubber rib.

Step 8: Use your finishing sponge to clean and soften the cut edges of the leaf dish.

Step 9: Bisque and glaze fire your dish. After bisque firing, we applied three coats of Laguna Golden Green MS-17 glaze with a brush and fired it to cone 6 in the Caldera-XL Test Kiln

Links:1. Mini-Might II Table Tob Slab Roller | 2. Smooth White Clay C/6 | 3. Large Grape Leaf Press Mold Mat | 4. Mini Roller | 5. Bailey Pin Tool | 6. Small Wooden or Bisque Bowl | 7.Mudsponge Finishing, White | 8. Sherrill Mud Tool Rib: 1/Red-Very Soft | 9. Laguna Golden Green MS-17 | 10. Short Cut Brush 2 Inch | 11. Caldera-XL Test Kiln 

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