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WHAT’S THEIR STORY? Collin Garrity learned to build musical instruments and furniture at Warren Wilson College. They have an awesome ceramics departments so it was probably inevitable that one of his friends would ask him to make a custom set of tools with his cut-offs. That turned into giving away more tools, which turned into trading them and eventually, selling them on Etsy. In 2017 he nailed down 20 unique tool shapes and officially started Garrity Tools. We’ve grown from there thanks to the help, ideas, feedback and support of countless potters; thanks for being a part of our story! HOW DO I TAKE CARE OF MY NEW POTTERY TOOLS? All our tools are made from woods that hold up well against use and water- and they are all given a bath in mineral oil. They are designed to get messy, so don’t worry about keeping them shiny. As long as you don’t leave your tools soaking in water for very long (ie. your slip bucket), they should last for several years. Occasionally when they get really wet, your tools might warp. if you dry them out for a day or two on a flat surface, they will be back to normal! WHY NOT JUST MAKE TOOLS OUT OF PLASTIC OR METAL? Plenty of people do, and many of those tools are great, but different materials move clay in different ways. Beyond that, time at the wheel is sacred and relaxing and stressful and holding a quality handmade wooden tool is just so much better than holding a mass produced plastic one. Its kind of like how a plastic cup from goodwill holds coffee just as well as a handmade mug from your inspiring friend.
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