Bailey Studio Standard Front Loaders and Shuttles

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Many potters make the mistake of purchasing a “cheap” kiln and live to regret it. As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” When your livelihood is at risk, do you want to chance firing your pottery in a kiln that is under built and isn’t capable of firing efficiently or evenly? And what a shock it is when you realize that the manufacturer doesn’t have the know how to resolve your firing problems. Bailey Studio Standard Kilns have been engineered to offer perfect balance of combustion, insulation, and performance at an unprecedented low price. The Bailey Studio Standards are energy efficient, easy to use and deliver perfectly even heat and atmospheres. And you get the assurance of Bailey quality and innovation, plus unlimited access to our kiln technical staff. Bailey Studio kilns ensure that your work will fire properly every time.

The Difference Between Standard And Deluxe Kilns.


What is the difference between the Standard and Deluxe series kiln?

Essentially, most of the difference is in the frame construction and the venting options. The Standard fame is basic construction with heavy duty angle iron, welded mild steel sheet metal, painted with high heat resistant paint. The brick is dry stacked directly against the sheet metal, 

The Deluxe Studio version has more stainless steel in the frame, can be outfitted with additional residual and spy hoods, and has a special anchoring system used throughout for securing the dry stacked bricks. This allows easy replacement of worn out brick in the future. The Deluxe also has a 2" airspace from the brick to the exterior sheet metal which makes for a much cooler exterior surface.

The Studio Deluxe frame has more features which are discussed in detail on the Deluxe/Production section of the website.

Downdraft Design

Bailey Standard Studio gas kilns have the unbeatable combination of forced-air combustion and downdraft design. Even heat and reductions can be achieved throughout the entire firing with the Bailey downdraft 360 degree circulation pattern.

Frame Construction

The structural frame components consist of massive 3” x 1/4” angle iron with solid panel sheet metal walls. The door hinges have massive 1” dia. pins. The Bailey Standard also includes beveled internal spy ports for optimal viewing and stainless shielding above the arch and the burner port area for superior corrosion resistance.


The Bailey Studio Standards are insulated with a variety of high quality IFB refractory, strategically placed for maximum efficiency. Wall, Floor, and Ceiling thicknesses are 4-1/2 throughout. This ingenious refractory profile provides a kiln that will high fire with incredible energy efficiency, and yet, provide an optimal cool down ramp that will allow for fast cycling. All bricks in the main body of the kiln have been “dry stacked” to prevent all the disadvantages of mortared wall construction. Virtually any area of the kiln can be repaired or replaced with a minimum of effort. The innovative Bailey Door-Fit-System provides a perfect heat seal.

Bailey Gas Kilns are Approved & 100% Certified for the US and Canada. Add this advantage to the long list of other distinct features in owning a Bailey Downdraft Gas Kiln.


Forced Draft Burners and Safety Equipment

Forced draft burners are recognized throughout the ceramic industry as the most efficient means of firing a kiln. Air and gas are mixed thoroughly providing complete combustion of the fuel, and reduced firing costs. The ”forced draft” provides constant pressure which distributes the heat evenly throughout the entire kiln chamber. You’ll appreciate the cones bending together top to bottom! Each of the two burners comes equipped with a water column pressure gauge, 100% flame safety gas valve, a minihelic air gauge to monitor air pressure settings, and a pilot burner.

Air Gauge Manifold System

The air gauge manifold provides precise control of air flow into the main burner. Air gauges give analog (needle indicator) readouts showing air pressure. Instead of approximations, it is possible to make accurate correlations between gas pressure and air pressure, thus creating a base line for precision firing results. The manifold includes one air gauge and a single air control valve which feed both burners simultaneously.

Bailey Gas Kilns are the by-product of logic and innovative thinking. Our unique down-draft design represents years of careful research. Every aspect of fuel efficiency, firing consistency and durability has been incorporated into each kiln. We can say quite confidently that there is no other kiln design that can provide such an unparalleled performance.

Uniform Heat Distribution

The Bailey down-draft gives a unique 360 degree heat flow pattern. This flow pattern maximizes the absorption of the heat energy and dramatically reduces firing costs. You get uniform heat top to bottom, front to back, and side to side. Unlike venturi style downdraft kilns with burners coming through the floor, our forced air downdraft kilns offer ingenious internal adjustments to fine tune the path of the heat flow. By adjusting the placement and size of the target brick, we can optimize firing results for traditional pottery forms or sculpture. Just watch those cone packs drop evenly!

Uniform Atmospheres

The 360 degree heat travel also gives excellent control of the atmosphere. Whether you fire oxidation or reduction, atmosphere control is extremely simple. We take the mystery out of firing and make it easy to get perfectly consistent firing results. You can look forward to beautiful glazes in every part of your kiln.

Studio Standard Shuttle Kilns

Shuttle kilns make stacking infinitely easier. The exceptional value of our Standard shuttles makes affording one easy. Bailey shuttle kilns include our innovative stainless steel spring loaded cart seal (standard) and retractable scissors track (optional) to open up floor space. See these features pictured in the Deluxe Shuttle page on this website.

Having trouble fitting through a doorway? We may have the solution- call about our 'detachable chimney' feature.

Standard and Optional Features