Ceramic Dust Vacuums - A ceramic dust vacuum should be in every ceramic studio or classroom. Prolonged exposures to ceramic dusts can lead to very serious lung diseases and related complications. Sweeping, or the use of a standard style "shop" vacuum, will put the harmful dust right back into the air you breathe! Once airborne, ultra fine dusts can stay suspended in the air for several days before settling. Why take the chance? Ceramic Dust Vacuums are designed specifically to remove the dangerous sub-micron particles that are so harmful to your health. The sophisticated triple filtration systems are designed to contain particles as small as .3 microns (99.97%). WARNING! Although some standard 4 ft. shop vacuums contain cloth and paper filters - it is important to note that these basic filters are intended for containing standard materials such as wood dusts. These filters will not contain fine ceramic dusts and should never be used in the pottery studio.