Paddles are used to hit or paddle your clay into a shape. They are good for adding flat and sharp edges and planes as well as being an excellent way to alter wheel-thrown forms once they are leather hard. Paddling also aids in compression of clay, which adds strength and stability to the piece. The textured paddles can be used to add another dimension to the finished piece.

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  1. C-093-001 Doo Woo 2-1 Wooden Paddle Textured Paddle
    DooWoo 2-1 Wooden Paddle
    Regular Price $10.92 Our Price $8.19
  2. C-093-002 Doo Woo 4-10 Wooden Anvil Wooden Paddle Textured Paddle
    DooWoo 4-10 Wooden Anvil
    Regular Price $17.80 Our Price $13.35
  3. C-093-007 DooWoo 4-9 Lg. Paddle  Ongi Style Wooden Paddle Textured Paddle
    DooWoo 4-9 Lg. Paddle - Ongi Style
    Regular Price $25.90 Our Price $19.42
  4. C-093-009 DooWoo 4-2 Large Spade Paddle wood paddle doo woo tools
    DooWoo 4-2 Large Spade Paddle
    Regular Price $9.60