Bailey Soda Kilns

Bailey has designed a resilient energy efficient kiln specifically for soda. We have also incorporated our effective fume removal system to extract fumes during the process. Soda firing has that beautiful result that is so unique and can't be imitated!

Soda Ports & Residual Hood

Four soda ports are placed in the door and two are located on the back wall at mid-height. Each has a stainless hood to capture and direct fumes up into the draft induced residual hood. Soda entry ports have durable high alumina hard brick and alumina slabs forming the top and bottom sides. The combination of each soda port with hood and the forced draft residual hood greatly reduces fumes in the kiln room.


All Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Exterior
(4) Spray Ports forward, (2) Spray Ports Rear
(2) Spy Ports on the side

The Bailey Soda kiln is lined with a special high alumina brick that significantly resists soda deterioration while providing excellent low energy costs.

High Alumina Insulation

The insulative lining is a combination of a special type of high alumina insulating fire brick and high alumina hard brick.This special high alumina IFB provides resilience to soda attack as well as providing economical energy-saving firing costs. By comparison, traditional hard brick soda kilns are very wasteful of energy with firing costs over 5 times as much!

Intelligent Design for Repairs

Areas of the floor in the firebox tend to see more deterioration. Bailey uses a top layer of dense high alumina hard brick backed by insulating brick. Bailey has also designed this floor brick so it can be pulled out and replaced without effecting or dismantling the side walls. The side walls and door can also have bricks removed and replaced conveniently.

Stacking Area

Our 18C and 20C use two 14 x 28 kiln shelves for the stackable area. The interior space around these shelves includes extra circulation space at the front and rear to promote excellent penetration of the soda into the load. Custom sizes of soda kilns are available on request.


Downdraft Design

Bailey Soda Gas kilns have the unbeatable combination of forced-air combustion and downdraft design. Even heat and reductions can be achieved throughout the entire firing with the Baileys 360 degree circulation pattern. Forced air does an excellent job circulating the soda throughout the chamber.

Frame Construction

The exterior skin is made totally out of stainless steel sheet metal for longevity and resistance to soda deterioration. The frames are double painted for extra protection. Refer to the Studio Standard or Studio Deluxe section for specific frame construction and fume collection options for those models.

100% Certfied for the US and Canada.

Pieces are placed on wadded alumina pads and packed relatively tightly. The silicon carbide shelves have been coated with an alumina kiln wash

During the later part of the firing, a soda solution is sprayed at intervals in a specific order of the (6) spray ports.

Note: the kiln room should be properly ventilated with the various Bailey "source/capture" hoods to quickly pull out the fumes during the soda process.

The finished pieces are well covered with soda throughout the chamber. The walls of the kiln were covered with a special kiln wash prior to the first firing which further protected them from the soda.

Forced Draft Burners and Safety Equipment

Forced draft burners are recognized throughout the ceramic industry as the most efficient means of firing a kiln. Air and gas are mixed thoroughly providing complete combustion of the fuel and reduced firing costs. The ”forced draft” provides constant pressure which distributes the heat evenly throughout the entire kiln chamber. You’ll appreciate the cones bending together top to bottom! Each of the two burners comes equipped with a water column pressure gauge. The forced air burners on soda kilns have a custom 6" long stainless steel nozzle/burner head to prevent corrosion. ETL certified for the US and Canada.

Stainless Steel Burner heads

High Alumina Hard Brick Lining for Spy and Spray Ports (inside view)

In-Line Draft Inducer for Residual Fume Removal (optional)

Spray Ports at 6 Locations

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SODA Front Loading Gas Kiln Specifications

Code Model Stack
Wall &
per HR
Weight Approx.
Studio DLX
18-C Soda
18 36 x 36 x
46" h
32 50 x 74 x
72" h
28 x 28 x 41 4.5" 220,000
200 CFH
3100 N=1 1/4"
Studio DLX
20-C Soda
20 36 x 36 x
51" h
36 50 x 74 x
77" h 
28 x 28 x 46 4.5" 238,000
216 CFH
3400 N=1 1/4"

18-C & 20-C Soda Furniture Kit:

These kits include Nitride Bonded or Oxide Bonded (rated for Cone 10)

Furniture KitsSoda18-CSoda 20-C
Shelf Sizes & Quantities (10) 14 x 28" (12) 14 x 28"
Post Assortments (6) ea. : 2,4,6,7,8 (6) ea. 2,4,6,7,8

Front Loading Kilns require one crate for shipment. There is a charge for crating.


Before you place an order, use this list to determine what accessories you might require. Our staff will assist you in this process.

  • Venting
  • U.V. Safety Systems
  • Kiln Furniture
  • Crating
  • Combustion Hood
  • Residual Hood
  • Digital Pyrometers
  • High Limit Controller
  • Detachable Chimney
  • Replacement Thermocouple
  • Draft Inducer for Residuals

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