Decals & Transfer Paper

Select any product image to view the different colorways available in each design. When the decal is wet, the image is released from the paper, applied to the piece and fired in a kiln at approximately 1400°F. Once fired these colors will become permanently embedded on top of the glaze of the ware.

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  1. Multi Surface Transfer Paper
    Multi Surface Transfer Paper
    Our Price $29.99
  2. Birds on the Wire Decal
    Birds on the Wire Decal
    Our Price $9.00
  3. Large Feathers Decals
    Large Feathers Decals
    Our Price $9.00
  4. Small Butterflies Decals
    Small Butterflies Decals
    Our Price $9.00
  5. Insects Decals
    Insects Decals
    Our Price $9.00
  6. Keys Decals
    Keys Decals
    Our Price $9.00