DB40 Electric Slab Roller Demonstration from Jim Bailey on Vimeo.

Bailey's first slab rollers were built in 1974. From the beginning, Bailey Slab Rollers became famous for their innovation and precision. In a thorough evaluation of all existing slab rollers, Studio Potter Magazine stated, The Bailey Slab Roller represented the most sophisticated solution to the business of making slabs. It was superior in its ease of handling, design, and general adaptation to any studio situation. The Bailey Slab Rollers are Dual Roller Drive. With this process, clay and canvas are drawn through two steel rollers which turn at a one-to-one ratio. The tremendous force required to compress the clay is equalized between the two rollers. This two roller process insures that the thickness of the finished slab remains perfectly even from side to side. Over the years, the Bailey line has expanded to include slab rollers to fit any need, all with the high standards you've come to expect from Bailey.

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