DIY Hand-Built Bowl

DIY Hand-Built Bowl


This project is easy to do with the help of GR Pottery Forms Wood Molds. Stack three of their circular plate molds in different sizes to create a tiered mold that yields an angular bowl form.


1. Roll out a slab of clay. We've used our convenient Bailey Mini Might II Table Top Slab Roller here.

2. Smooth out the canvas texture from the surface of the clay using a pottery rib. 

3. Select Wood Drape Molds that stack and create a smooth profile. We selected 5", 6.5", and 8" Wood Circle Molds here. Place the largest dimension of the largest mold down against the surface of the clay. Use a needle tool and cut a wide shape that corresponds to the shape of the mold. Discard outer area of clay.

4. Line up your molds and place them on a spacer tool on a banding wheel.

5. Drape your slab over the top of your molds.

6. Use a needle tool or a fettling knife to trim off excess clay from around the rim. 

7. Press downward along the backside of the rim to define the shape and prevent warpage.

8. Determine the outside shape of the bowl with a rubber rib. Use the rib to smooth the clay and create the definition of the shape.

9. Flip your bowl over and carefully remove the molds from the interior.

10. Use an MKM finger roller to create a decorative texture around the rim of the bowl. 

11. Level the rim of the bowl using a shredding tool when the clay has dried to leather hard.

12. Clean up the rim of your bowl with a finishing sponge. 


Bailey 16" Mini Might II Table Top Slab Roller | 2. Kemper S10 Metal Scraper Rib | 3. Sherrill Mud Tools Rubber Rib | 4. Mudsponge Finishing, White | 5. Sherrill Mud Shredding Tool | 6. Circle Wood Drape Molds | 7. Spacer for Drape Molds | 8. Moist Clay | 9. Banding Wheel | 10. Wood Modeling Tool | 12. MKM Finger Roller | 13. Needle Tool


Click here to download documents that demonstrate which GR Forms can stack. 

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