Replacement Elements for Bailey Kilns

The best way to find the correct elements for your Bailey Top-Loading Electric Kiln is to sort by 'Date of Mfr' below. If you don't know the Mfr Date, locate the specification label on your kiln's red control box. Write down the complete Model Number, Serial Number and Voltage. If the Date of Manufacture is on the label, write that down as well- only some kiln labels include this date. 

Kilns manufactured 'Pre 2000': Model Number beginning with 'TL' or without any letters. 6-Digit Serial Number. 

Kilns manufactured '2000 - June 2007': Model Number beginning with 'SPB'. 4-Digit Serial Number.

Kilns manufactured 'July 2007 - Present': Model Number beginning with 'BX', GX' or 'VP3'. (Note: if your kiln is a 'GX' Model it uses the same elements as the corresponding 'BX' Model.) 6-Digit Serial Number.

Once sorted, look for your kiln Model and Voltage. Be sure to select the correct type and number of elements for your kiln as well as the correct Voltage. Click on each element for more specific information about which kiln they belong to and how many are required. If you are unsure of which elements you need -or- you cannot locate your kiln model, please call us at 800-431-6067.