New! Amaco Celadon Glaze Colors

New! Amaco Celadon Glaze Colors

New Colors: C-3 SmokeC-5 CharcoalC-19 GlacierC-25 DownpourC-29 Deep SeaC-32 OchreC-55 PoppyC-65 Tangelo

AMACO has expanded their Celadon glaze line to include eight new colors! The full line of 
AMACO Celadon Glazes for cone 5-6 are available at Bailey now!

Apply Celadons to Decorative Surfaces 

The bowl pictured here uses shallow carving to enhance the color of AMACO's new C-65 Tangelo. Three even coats of Tangelo were applied to a bisque fired white stoneware bowl, and fired to cone 5. The inside of the bowl was glazed with three coats of C-19 Glacier. The celadon glaze line, inspired by traditional Asian celadons, are glossy cone 5-6 glazes that enhance incised lines and texture. 

Mixing and Layering with AMACO Celadons

PC-46 Lustrous Jade

C-1 Obsidian

AMACO Celadon glazes can be layered with one another or with AMACO Potter's Choice Glazes to yield exciting results. Test 2-3 coats of AMACO Celadon Glazes under 2-3 coats of AMACO Potter's Choice Glazes for unique surfaces.

Above: 3 coats of PC-46 Lustrous Jade brushed over 3 coats of C-1 Obsidian creates this colorful haze, breaking black but flowing with blue, greens, and a rim of pinkish-tan. It looks great over texture or smooth surfaces. This White Stoneware tile was fired to cone 6. Would you like to see more Layering Combinations? Click to download AMACO Layering Glaze PDFs.

Volumetric Mixing

In addition to being able to layer AMACO Celadon glazes, the entire celadon line is completely mixable. All AMACO Celadon glazes have the same base glaze formula and are food safe when applied and fired as directed.

Watch this video on Volumetric Mixing.

New Celadon Class Pack #3

Try out all eight of the new celadon colors plus four more celadon colors in one convenient pack! All colors in this AMACO Celadon Glaze Pack #3 are AP Non-Toxic. 

AMACO Celadon glazes are glossy, transparent, and pool beautifully in textured surfaces. Plus, they come in a range of playful colors. So what are you waiting for? Shop Bailey today for the best prices on AMACO Celadon Glazes!