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Charcoal C-5

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Dinnerware SafeDinnerware Safe
AP Non-toxic AP Non- Toxic
Dry Glaze Warning Wear Dust Mask When Handling Dry Powder

Amaco C Series Celadon Glazes are transparent gloss glazes that are formulated to be 100% inter-mixable with each other. Use them as a palette to create your own "celadon" colors. You can also adjust transparency or soften any color with C-11 Mixing Clear. Celadon glazes are transparent colors that darken where thick and appear lighter where thin to highlight surface texture and bring out the color of the clay underneath. Most of the C Series glazes are AP Non-Toxic except C-27, C-47 and C-49. All are Dinnerware safe. Apply to Cone 04 bisque and fire to Cone 5.


Many of the materials used by potters in glazes and clay are potentially hazardous substances. We at Bailey feel you should take precautions to minimize exposure.

1) Handle materials carefully. Avoid spillage. Keep materials covered.

2) Wear a NIOSH approved respirator. Avoid breathing all dust and mist.

3) Wear rubber gloves when glazing or painting with oxides and stains.

4) Keep your workspace clean and free of dust.

5) Wash your workclothes separately from other clothing.

6) Do not eat or smoke in your workspace.

7) Use a wet mop or toxic dust vacuum for cleaning: never sweep or use a standard shop vac.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available on CD-ROM in PDF format. Please call 1-800-431-6067 for more details. A CD-ROM disc can be included with your order upon verbal request.


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