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Electric kilns, hard element holders

Front Loading Electric Kiln
Track Shuttle Electric Kiln
Trackless 2-Car Shuttle Electric Kiln

electric kiln, easy repair, hard element holders, commercial duty

Designer Jim Bailey stands next to a custom large electric top loader kiln.

Large sculpture electric kiln

Dave Roberts, ceramics instructor at the Iolani School in Hawaii, firing his large outdoor sculpture.

Bailey Thermal Logic Front Loader Electric Kiln at San Jose Univ

Monica Van Den Dool and Stan Welsh, ceramics instructors at San Jose University

Sculpture Electric Kiln

Peter Lane uses a 2-Car trackless electric kiln, one of 5 Bailey kilns, to fire his ceramic sculpture at his new Brooklyn studio.

Bailey Front Loader Electric Kilns for Alfred University

A fleet of Thermal Logic Front Loader Electric Kilns on their way to Alfred University

In 2015, Alfred University chose Bailey Thermal Logic Electric Front Loading kilns to outfit their department. This is the first time in their history where they selected a manufactured front loading electric kiln for their kiln room instead of building their own electric kilns.  They ordered a total of seven Thermal Logics Electric Kilns, including a 61" interior sculpture front loading electric kiln and a 51" interior 2 car shuttle electric kiln.  The Alfred kilns run constantly, and they demand the very best in dependable performance.  The Alfred staff saw great benefit to the Bailey hard element holder system, and all the other features of sustainable electric kilns design.

The Bailey Thermal Logic is undoubtedly the best electric kiln ever built!

Sometimes a product comes along that stands way out from the pack because there are so many improvements and innovations. The Bailey Thermal Logic Electric Kiln is one those products.

Bailey just redefined the standards for excellence in large electric kiln design. Not just by a little, but by a lot. The Bailey Thermal Logic Electric Kilns are a sustainable kiln design, built for a lifetime of heavy use.

With innovative Bailey design, you get much more for your money.

kiln,electric,front loader

Innovative Custom Designs

hard element holders, large capacity electric kilns

Large Rectangular Top Loaders with Mobile Lid System & 360 loading access into chamber.

hard element holders, commercial duty electric kilns

Raised Shuttle Base for easier stacking, also ideal for potters with limited mobility.

Kilns,electric,sculpture,tall, large capacity

Tall Sculpture Front Loading Electric kilns, 61" high interior, available in front loading electric, shuttle electric kilns.

The Bailey Thermal Logic Advantages are many.

  • Massive Long Life Elements
  • Emissivity Energy Efficient Coatings
  • Built in UV Eye Protection
  • Bailey Quick-Fix Brick System
  • Bailey Quick-Change Element Holders
  • Easy Fit Shelf Design
  • Adjustable Door Seals
  • 6” Surface Sealed Fiber Roof System
  • Easy Panel Servicing
  • Stainless Steel Brick Edge Protectors
  • Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Skin
  • Bailey Efficiency-Plus Radiant Heat Pattern
  • Ventilated Exterior Frame
  • Large Capacity Electric Kilns
  • Easy Repairs in Electric Kiln Design
  • Ventilated Spy Port
  • Ventilated Door Seal
  • Ventilated Interior Chamber
  • Dual Fume and Heat Removal Systems
  • Computer Controlled Ventilation
  • Front Loading, Trackless and Track Shuttles
  • Custom Electric Kiln Sizes Available.
  • Great for Large Scupltures!
  • Easy Loading Electric Kilns

Bailey Thermal Logic Electric Kilns are Intertek Certified for the US and Canada

The Bailey Thermal Logic electric is an ENERGY SAVER kiln and a sustainable design, with many features to promote beautiful results, easy repairs, easy service and a lifetime of use.

electric kilns, hard element holders, large capacity

electric kilns, hard element holders

hard element holders, electric kilns

Advantage 1: The Bailey Hard Element Holders

Imagine a hard element holder so strong that it can withstand over 22 lbs of direct force and not fracture or chip.

Imagine this same super strong hard element holder being able to be lifted out instantly! If you need to inspect an element, remove debris, or if a glazed ceramic piece accidentally fuses to it, you won't have a problem. You can inspect or replace the ingenious Bailey hard element holder in seconds. No tools, no complications. Innovation at it's best!

Consider what this means. Now the most vulnerable part of the kiln, the element retention system, is incredibly strong and easily serviced. You can keep your kiln looking as good as new indefinitely. This is pure Bailey logic.

electric kilns, hard element holders

Advantage 2: Better Heating Efficiency

Here is another huge benefit of the Bailey Hard Element Holder system: Better Heat Transfer. Look at the illustration and note that every element slot in the brick has been cut at a unique 90 degree angle. The radiant heat from the element and hard element holder can fan right out to provide maximum exposure into the load. This greatly improves heating efficiency. Other front loading kilns have their elements buried in the brick. That causes the heat from the elements to absorb into the insulation bricks quickly, saturating them, and so diminishing the IFB insulating capabilities and increasing the heat loss. The Bailey energy saver design further promotes energy efficiency by keeping the elements on the interior face of the brick. Note how the Bailey hard element holders and elements are not buried in the brick, and how they extend into the kiln chamber so they can radiate their heat immediately into the load. Brilliant!

Heavy Duty Electric Kiln Elements

Advantage 3: Bailey Long Life Electric Elements

Thermal Logic elements are massive, about 5/8" in diameter!. Just compare the size of the Thermal Logic Electric Kiln to your typical competitor's elements. We use thicker wire, and more of it for extra acceleration power. It's like having a bigger engine under the hood. We also calculate the elements so there is less stress on the wire as it heats. You might call it a "cooler burn" because instead of making less wire work harder, we have more wire working less. The end result is much longer element life and a kiln built for speed. You spend more initially, and save dramatically long range.

electric kilns, hard element holders, large capacity

Advantage 4: More Room for Stacking Shelves

How many times have you scraped your hands on the wall of a kiln, or bumped the wall with the shelf as you stacked the load? Plenty! No wonder, there isn't enough room! The walls of the typical electric kiln get damaged as a result of stacking in a cramped space. Bailey has implemented a very logical concept... it's called "more room". By leaving 2" from the wall to the shelf, stacking becomes much easier. Not only do you protect your hands and the walls, it promotes better heat uniformity in the chamber.

Advantage 5: Replaceable Wall Bricks

Even if bricks are damaged, no problem. Bailey designed the kiln without mortar. With the Bailey Easy Repair system, fevery brick in the wall or floor can be removed and replaced no matter where it is, and without dismantling the entire kiln. How is this possible? Bailey secures all the kiln brick with pressure systems and unique external anchors that are easily assessable. The result is a truly sustainable kiln, with an easy repair system designed to last forever because it is so easily serviced.

Advantage 6: Quick Change Front Wall Bricks

This is another "easy repair system" of the Bailey Electric Kilns. The bricks on the front loader side walls are always the most vulnerable. Students often damage them from repeated impacts from shelves as the kiln is loaded and unloaded. If the walls are mortared together, you have no way to repair it. Bailey has engineered a new way to secure the front wall brick so they can be easily changed in a matter of minutes. This keeps your heat seals positive and protects the frame.

Advantage 7: Reinforced Fiber Gasket System

Another Bailey innovation is the front fiber roof gasket. This lead gasket has a dot pattern made of a hard ceramic material that protects the fiber and prevents abrasion. It is also designed to allow the fiber gasket to remain flexible so it won't crack as the door compresses against it and is secured prior to firing. This top horizontal gasket is designed for fast convenient replacement. It only takes a couple of minutes and no mortar is required.

Advantage 9: Stainless Steel Brick Protectors

The Thermal Logic has stainless steel edge protectors that guard against side impacts against the brick. This is another area that often experiences collision and damage during countless loading and unloading procedures. The stainless steel edge protectors absorb the impact so the brick remains unharmed.

Advantage 10: Built in Spy Fume Hood (optional)

Each spy port has a stainless hood directly above it which collects escaping fumes and heat. The heat and fume is channeled into the spy hood and directed above into the overhead residual hood. This is the most comprehensive ventilation system that provided complete fume removal.

Advantage 11: Built In UV Shields (optional)

What a great idea! Bailey has innovated another first, the built in UV shields. Now you don't have to go searching for UV glasses to view the cones. Each UV shield is sandwiches between protective clear Shields, and the stainless steel outer frame pivots up so you can withdraw the spy plug for viewing the cones. Note: The spy plug was removed for this photo, but should only be removed momentarily for viewing cones and put back promptly.

Advantage 12: Residual Hood (optional)

(A) Mounted Residual Draft Inducer (optional)(B) The residual hood overlaps the door and fastens to the top of the kiln. All of the exterior walls of the kiln are hollow. Air intakes at the bottom of every exterior wall and door cavity so the heat travels out the top of the frame and directly into the collection hood. Residual fumes are also collected from the door and spy hoods. An (optional) draft inducer is needed to pull away the fumes to the outside if you don't have an existing appropriate draft system in your facility.

The motor for the residual fume removal can be controlled by the Bailey Thermal Logic Controller. See below for information.

Advantage 13: Negative Pressure Fume Ventilator (optional)

(C) Negative Pressure Mount Package (optional)(D) The Negative Pressure Fume Vent pulls firing fumes directly from the inner kiln chamber as the firing progresses. It extracts noxious fumes that may accumulate during the firing, keeping the classroom air clean, while protecting the outer frame from corrosion. You can buy the premounted package with the sheet metal vertical chase and high exit for the pipe, or just the standard Negative Pressure Unit for attaching to an existing kiln room wall. A flexible hose (included) is stretched to connect the rear of the kiln to the Negative Pressure Unit. The operation of the Negative Pressure Unit can be controlled by the Bailey Thermal Logic Controller when the(optional) AC outlet feature is ordered. See below.

Advantage 14: Easy Change Thermocouples

(E) The thermocouples are serviced from outside the main control panel. This makes it easy to change a thermocouple during the firing. A Plexiglass pivoting cover locks the thermocouple in position.

S Thermocouples

We offer "S" style thermocouples for kilns in active kiln rooms where the kilns are used constantly.
S thermocouples are far superior, and keep their temperature accuracy with intensive use and last many times longer compared to K thermocouples.

Advantage 15: Computer Controlled Vent Outlet (optional)(F)

When the (optional) AC Outlet box is ordered, the Bailey Thermal Logic Controller can be programmed to switch both the Residual and Negative Pressure fans on and off to synchronize with the firing. The AC outlet also is convenient so the blowers can be unplugged if they need servicing. A green panel light is also included with this package and will illuminate when the fume systems are active.

Without the AC controlled outlet, the user must manually turn the fume extraction devices on and off.

Advantage 16: The Thermal Logic Door System

There's more than meets the eye! Like the main frame of the kiln, all the bricks in the Bailey door are held under compression with ingenious methods of spring loaded compression. No mortar is used. You can adjust bricks to get a perfect heat seal, and you can replace bricks at any time. Future service is made simple.

Most larger models of the Thermal Logic Electric will have elements in the door. Some kilns don't require a door element for heat uniformity or heating.

The spy ports are larger than the small round style, so you have an easier job viewing the cones. The inner wall of the port is beveled so you can have a wider view. The top and bottom of the ports are made of alumina shelf so there won't be abrasion from the spy plug removal and replacement over the years. The exterior of the door has the hollow wall cavity so heat is directed into the residual hood for efficient removal.

NOTE: Bailey doesn't use fiber doors as we find in school situations that fiber is not well suited. It is easily damaged, and can be over compressed. The door area is a high activity zone where it is easy to brush up against. Putting a hard coating on the fiber is superficial at best, and there are future issues of shearing off. Insulating firebrick is ideal. It is an equal insulator, it is resilient to rubbing against, bumping, and impacts. We have coated the IFB doors (without elements) with an emissivity reflective surface to enhance the energy efficiency.

For safety, a limit switch is located at the bottom of the door to turn the power off to all elements once the door is cracked open.

Advantage 17: Above Floor Base Element

Bailey has innovated an above floor element system for better firing efficiency. Since the element is situated above the floor, the heat radiated by the element goes directly into the load instead of radiating it directly into the insulating brick. The element is so simple to replace, it just wraps around high alumina posts that define the pattern you see. Protective alumina tubes are used to prevent glaze from being accidentally dropped onto the element at the side wall (where the element feeds into the master control box). The entire wrap of the element is protected once the bottom shelves are in place. The bottom posts (1-3/8" high x 2.25" square) are included. Note: Some models of smaller kilns do not need a base element.

Advantage 18: Easy Access Control Panel

When you eventually need to service an electric kiln, you appreciate it when the manufacturer makes your job easier. That's exactly what we have done. The large control panel hinges open to provide ample room to maneuver to all of the components. Every wire is individually numbered, and a wiring diagram is attached inside every unit. The Thermal Logic circuitry is really a thing of beauty. Fuses, relays, elements junctions, and contactors are all nicely organized and accessible. Electrician's smile when they open our panel, because they appreciate the meticulous care in the design and layout of our circuitry layout. We make their job easier.

16 Segment Programmable Control System

The Bailey Thermal Logic programmable controller stores (6) user programs, (2) of which can have up to 16 segments and the other four have 8 segments. There are (4) preset programs (slow or fast bisque, slow or fast glaze), delayed start functions, skip step, and more.

Smaller kilns have 2 zone control while larger kilns have 3 zone control. Red panel lights indicate the cycling activity of the various heat zones. This is further visual confirmation that the zones are active and functioning properly. Kilns under 30" of interior height will have (2) zones of heat control, while taller kilns will have (3)zones. Under the red Zone Control panel lights, a green panel light indicates that the Fume System is active.

Bailey Thermal Logics are Certified for the US and Canada.
Bailey Thermal Logics are certified to the UL 499 standards for electric kilns and the C.S.A. C22.2 #221

Floor Plans and Stacking Capacity

All of our designs start with a shelf pattern. The options for stacking loads are:

Each shelf pattern has a 2" clearance from the wall the load (Load = shelf pattern x height). Some companies rate a kiln by the total interior size of the chamber, not the actual payload area where you place your kiln furniture and pottery.

Bailey provides extra tolerance from the wall to the shelf for easy accurate placement of shelves when stacking and better heat transfer. Consequently, there is slightly more chamber space that is left open. You can’t put larger shelves in a kiln designed for a smaller shelf size. The reason is, we have calculated the BTU’s necessary (watts per square foot) to heat the kiln “load” properly. The shelf area with pots are the “load”, which is a mass that has to be heated up. This requires a ratio of BTU’s to heat in up in a timely fashion. If you did use a larger shelf to place more pots, it would throw the ratio of power to load off, thus slowing down the kilns heat building properties.

Bailey Thermal Logic Electric Front Loader Kilns

Note: 1 Car Shuttles Electric Kilns with tracks or 2-Car Trackless Shuttle Electric Kilns are quoted individually.

Special Pricing Ends July 31, 2019

W x D x H (in.)
W x D x H (in.)
1 PH
3 PH
1 PH
3 PH
W x D x H
TLG 2227 FL 10.6 cu.ft.
26 x 26 x 27
7 cu. ft.
22 x 22 x 27
48 42 56 42 50 x 41 x 70 1600 $12,034 $9,627
TLG 2239 FL 15.2 cu.ft.
26 x 26 x 39
11 cu. ft.
22 x 22 x 39
72 42 86 54 50 x 41 x 75 1800 $16,094 $12,875
TLG 2251 FL 20 cu. ft.
26 x 26 x 51
14 cu. ft.
22 x 22 x 51
96 63 110 64 50 x 41 x 78 2000 $19,024 $15,219
TLG 2261 FL 24 cu. ft.
26 x 26 x 61
17 cu. ft.
22 x 22 x 61
144 84 147 84 50 x 41 x 88 2200 $23,189 $18,551
TLG 2427 FL 12.2 cu. ft.
28 x 28 x 27
9 cu. ft.
24 x 24 x 27
60 42 74 43 52 x 43 x 70 1900 $13,090 $10,865
TLG 2439 FL 17.5 cu. ft.
28 x 28 x 39
13 cu. ft.
24 x 24 x 39
84 63 98 64 52 x 43 x 75 2100 $17,289 $14,350
TLG 2451 FL 23 cu. ft.
28 x 28 x 51
16 cu. ft.
24 x 24 x 51
108 63 136 86 52 x 43 x 78 2400 $20,240 $16,800
TLG 2461 FL 28 cu. ft.
28 x 28 x 61
20.3 cu. ft.
24 x 24 x 61
144 84 147 85 52 x 43 x 88 2600 $25,529 $21,189
TLG 2627 FL 14 cu. ft.
30 x 30 x 27
11 cu. ft.
26 x 26 x 27
72 42 86 50 54 x 45 x 70 2200 $15,500 $13,175
TLG 2639 FL 20 cu. ft.
30 x 30 x 39
15 cu<. ft.
26 x 26 x 39
108 63 111 64 54 x 45 x 75 2400 $19,481 $16,559
TLG 2651 FL 26 cu. ft.
30 x 30 x 51
20 cu. ft.
26 x 26 x 51
132 84 135 85 54 x 45 x 78 2600 $22,618 $19,225
TLG 2661 FL 32 cu. ft.
30 x 30 x 61
24 cu. ft.
26 x 26 x 61
144 84 170 99 54 x 45 x 88 2800 $27,022 $22,969
TLG 2827 FL 16 cu. ft.
32 x 32 x 27
12 cu. ft.
28 x 28 x 27
88 51 86 50 56 x 47 x 70 2450 $16,883 $15,195
TLG 2839 FL 23 cu. ft.
32 x 32 x 39
18 cu. ft.
28 x 28 x 39
117 76 129 75 56 x 47 x 75 2700 $21,439 $19,295
TLG 2851 FL 30 cu. ft.
32 x 32 x 51
23 cu. ft.
28 x 28 x 51
160 101 172 100 56 x 47 x 78 2800 $22,805 $20,525
TLG 2861 FL 36 cu. ft.
32 x 32 x 61
28 cu. ft.
28 x 28 x 61
175 101 173 100 56 x 47 x 88 3000 $27,620 $24,858
TLG 3251 FL 38 cu. ft.
36 x 36 x 51
30 cu. ft.
32 x 32 x 51
NA 125 NA 125 60 x 51 x 78 3400 Call Call<

Optional Features:

7" S Thermocouples - $282 each
Stainless Spy Port Hood - $35
Stainless UV lens for Hood - $35

Residual Hood (only) - $550
Ready to connect to existing draft inducer to exhaust to the outside.

Residual Draft Deluxe Package - $830
Residual Hood, 180 CFM draft inducer mounted on kiln, 6" pipe outlet, 120V grounded cord, ready to plug into AC outlet

Negative Pressure Fume Deluxe Package - $525
Mounted to upper kiln frame, flexible vent hose protected by sheet metal rear mounted chase, ready to plug into AC outlet or Computer Controlled AC Outlet (see below).

Computer Controlled AC Outlet - $95
For controlling Residual Hood Draft Inducer and Negative Pressure Fume Ventilator. Includes a Green indicator front panel light.

Furniture Kits

Furniture Kits for the Thermal Logic Kilns are available in both High Alumina and CoreLite.


are extruded, hollow core shelves ground top & bottom for flatness. They are lighter than traditional solid shelves which makes loading the kiln easier. Rated to Cone 8: perfect for low & mid-range (Cone 5/6) applications. For more important information, please click here. High Alumina are our traditional shelves: solid, dry-pressed and rated to Cone 10. We recommend using only

High Alumina

when firing to Cone 9/10 and for exceptionally heavy loads. Refer to the link above for more important information as well as click here.

Shelf Patterns for the
Thermal Logic models
Furniture Kits: High Alumina for Cone 10 and CoreLite for Cone 8
Part No.  Description Ship Wt. (lbs.) Price
 C-210-FK-2227  For TLG-2227
(8) 3/4" x 11" x 22" High Alumina Shelves + Post
180 $464
C-210-FK-2227CL  (8) 1" x 11" x 22" CoreLite Shelves + Posts 176 $524

For TLG-2239
(10) 3/ 4" x 11" x 22" High Alumina Shelves + Posts

 200 $541
C-210-FK-2239CL  (12) 1" x 11" x 22" CoreLite Shelves + Posts  200  $614
C-210-FK-2251 For TLG-2251
(12) 3/4" x 11" x 22" High Alumina Shelves + Posts

 225 $616
 C-210-FK-2251CL  (12) 1" x 11" x 22" CoreLite Shelves + Posts  224  $698

  For TLG-2427
(8) 3/4" x 12" x 24" High Alumina Shelves + Posts

 215  $519
C-210-FK-2427CL  (8) 1" x 12" x 24" CoreLite Shelves + Posts 178  $497

For TLG-2439
(10) 3/4" x 12" x 24" High Alumina Shelves + Posts

 250 $609
 C-210-FK-2439CL (10) 1" x 12" x 24" CoreLite Shelves + Posts  203 $583

For TLG-2451
(12) 3/4" x 12" x 24" High Alumina Shelves + Posts

285 $692
C-210-FK-2451CL  (12) 1" x 12" x 24" CoreLite Shelves + Posts  277  $662

For TLG-2627
(8) 3/4" x 13" x 26" High Alumina Shelves + Posts

 255  $578
 C-210-FK-2627CL  (8) 1" x 13" x 26" CoreLite Shelves + Posts 194 $550

For TLG-2639
(10) 3/4" x 13" x 26" High Alumina Shelves + Posts

 300  $677
 C-210-FK-2639CL  (10) 1" x 13" x 26" CoreLite Shelves + Posts 223 $644

For TLG-2651
(12) 3/4" x 13" x 26" High Alumina Shelves + Posts

 345  $774
C-210-FK-2651CL  (12) 1" x 13" x 26" CoreLite Shelves + Posts 251  $734

For TLG-2827
(8) 1" x 14" x 28" High Alumina Shelves + Posts

 345  $796
 C-210-FK-2827CL (8) 1" x 14" x 28" CoreLite Shelves + Posts 226 $626
 C-210-FK-2839 For TLG-2839
(10) 1" x 14" x 28" High Alumina Shelves + Posts
 410  $946
 C-210-FK-2839CL  (10) 1" x 14" x 28" CoreLite Shelves + Posts  263  $734

For TLG-2851
(12) 1" x 14" x 28" High Alumina Shelves + Posts

475 $1096
 C-210-FK-2851CL  (12) 1" x 14" x 28" CoreLite Shelves + Posts  299 $842