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Dolan 115 100(S)
Square Trim Tool

SKU:   C-096-115
Price:   $11.75    Each
Sale Price:   $10.57

The Dolan 100(S) Series has all the same features as the 100 Series but in a versatile smaller scale. This 100(S) Series tool features an extra-heavy gauge high carbon steel cutting blade deep-set and riveted into a massive hardwood handle. The cutting blade is extremely sharp and angled for easy access of hard to reach places. The heat-treated steel will hold its edge even against heavily grogged clays and plaster. The handle is polished for comfort and sealed against water damage. Excellent for turning plaster or trimming on the potters wheel as well as for handbuilding and sculpture. Blade measures approx. 15/16" long.

Dolan Tool Maintenance - Dolan tools should be kept clean & dry when not in use. A light coat of oil should be applied to both the blade and wood handle periodically for longest life. To sharpen, DO NOT use a file or power grinder. Files are too coarse and a power grinder will heat the steel, change the temper and destroy the tool. Dolan recommends using a whetstone (oil or water) to quickly restore your tool's keen edge without damage to the steel.

Weight 0.12
Length 6.125
Material Hardwood/ Steel
Drop Ship N
Ship Via UPS

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