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    Kilns & Accessories - Pyrometers

Data Logging Digital Pyrometer
This hand held portable pyrometer is an affordable and convenient tool for monitoring your gas or electric kiln. In addition to reading temperature accurately in either Fahrenheit or Celcius this unit can record temperatures at preset intervals and calculate both the rate of rise and elapsed firing time. Includes a 5" long type K thermocouple, a 5-1/2 Ft. lead wire and a soft plastic protective covering with stand. Requires (1) 9-volt battery (not included.) If preferred, an optional stainless mounting bracket (I pictured below) is available designed with heat shields to keep the meter cool and protected when mounted to kiln exteriors. (The exterior of the kiln surface should not exceed 350 degrees F when using the bracket. Consult with our staff before mounting.) Other features include:
  • Temperature Range: 0 F to 2500 F

  • Accuracy: 10 F (includes Thermocouple Error)

  • Electronic Cold Junction Compensation

  • Low Battery Warning Message

  • Battery Life of 4000+ hours with a 9-volt battery

  • Made in the U.S.A.

Data Logging Digital Pyrometer

Item No. Description Ship Wt. Price Purchase
C-172-047 Data Logging Digital Pyrometer 3 lbs. $142.50

Hand Held Precision Portable Pyrometer
This is our best digital pyrometer. Fluke portable pyrometers are highly accurate, and offer the convenience and economy of servicing several kilns. Our hand held digital pyrometer is available as either a single or double thermocouple unit. Because of electrical fields generated by the elements, a double probe can not be used with electric kilns. The stainless mounting bracket (I pictured below) is designed with heat shields to keep the meter cool when mounted on most kiln exteriors. Consult with our staff before mounting. All models Include our standard K thermocouple(s), displays as either C or F, battery (1200 hour life). The meter has a three-year warranty. Shipping weight: 3 lbs.

Hand Held Precision Portable Pyrometer

Item No. Description Price Purchase
C-170-060K Single Probe Portable Pyrometer (w/12T.C.) $356.00
C-170-061K Double Probe Portable Pyrometer
(incl. [2] 12 in. thermocouple)
(Gas Kilns Only)
C-172-025-12 Extra 12 in. K Thermocouple $27.00
C-170-064 Extra Modular Meter Plug with 10 feet of T.C. wire $22.00

Analog Pyrometer
Analog pyrometers (in general) provide basic temperature indication for the full pottery range (2400F) and are recommended for tracking general heat rise. The accuracy of analog units has a 2% deviation, which means that at 2373F, the actual temperature could vary 47 degrees. If you need precise readings, then we recommend the digital units. The face measures 4" x 4-1/4". Both Fahrenheit and Centigrade scales are indicated. Each unit comes complete with a mounting bracket, 12" 8 gauge K thermocouple, 3 feet of TC wire, and connecting block. (Shipped with jumper in place for protection during transit. This must be removed before the unit will function properly. Read Instructions for more info)

Analog Pyrometer Assembly

Item No. Description Price Purchase
C-172-026K Analog Pyrometer Assembly
(shipped assembled)
Accessories (images not to scale)




New Style





New Style





Item No. (Ref.
Description Price Purchase
C-172-023 Gas Burner Thermocouple - 36" $25.90
C-172-025-12 (A) NEW Style Replacement 12 in. Straight 8 ga. Thermocouple
(can be easily trimmed to shorter lengths)
C-172-49 (F) Replacement 12 in. Straight 14 ga. Thermocouple
(can be easily trimmed to shorter lengths)
C-172-050 (B) Universal Thermocouple Mounting Bracket
(for permanently attaching straight TCs to the skin of the kiln)
C-172-025-7-S (E) NEW Style Replacement 7 in. Straight 8 ga. Thermocouple $27.00
C-172-025-7 (not
Replacement 7 in. Bent 8 ga. Thermocouple $27.00
C-172-025-5-S (not
NEW Style Replacement 5 in. Straight 8 ga. Thermocouple $27.00
C-172-025-5 (C) Replacement 5 in. Right Angled 8 ga. Thermocouple
(for models w/ Bartlett Controllers Jan. 2000 thru June 2007)
C-172-031 (D) Right Angled Mounting Bracket
(7 or 5 in. angled only)
C-172-50 (J) Bailey Electric Kiln 7 in. 14 ga. Thermocouple
(for models w/Orton Controllers)
C-200-TC8 (K)

Bailey Electric Kiln 8 ga. Thermocouple
(for Models w/Bartlett Controller after July 2007)

C-172-028 (G) Ceramic Thermocouple Protection Tubes
Available in three lengths: 5, 7, & 12 inches.
(for 8 ga. TC; recommended for use in fuel kilns; no threads) 


C-172-029-SP (H) Thermocouple Lead Wire (per foot) $1.72
C-180-004 (I) Stainless Steel Meter Mounting Bracket
(with built in heat shields)
Note: The Red lead of a thermocouple or thermocouple wire is negative and magnetic. The yellow lead is positive and non-magnetic. Using a magnet, you can always make certain that your thermocouple is correctly installed.

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