7 cu ft Bailey TL-2322-SQ w/Free H.A. Furn Kit & Extra Element set

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This package includes the Bailey TL-2322-SQ Kiln, a Free High Alumina Furniture Kit, a Free Set of Replacement Elements and Free Freight within the contiguous US. (A small Western State Surcharge applies to some shipments: click here for details.) The TL-2322-SQ has all the professional features you expect from a Bailey top-loading electric kiln but in a square format that provides a larger stacking area than our TL-2322-10 round kiln. It is a true Cone 10 kiln with both the extra power and extra insulation required to reach temperature with ease. Bailey kilns are designed with heavy duty elements and plenty of power to reach Cone 10. Because you must be able to retain heat to build chamber temperature, all Bailey kilns have... Read More
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Bailey Top-Loading Electric Energy Saver Kilns are built with efficiency in mind. Designed to fire to Cone 10 economically using less power over the course of a firing than other top-loading electric kilns. Features include:

Double-Insulated Walls- 2-1/2" Brick + 1" Fiber Board provides significantly better heat retention than brick alone. The 1" board has the same insulative value as 2" of brick and, unlike fiber blanket, does not compress and lose its value. Heat retention is the key to efficient firings. The more heat that is retained, the less energy input is necessary to gain temperature and the lower your firing costs. In addition to more efficient heat-up, Bailey kilns cool slower yielding better glaze results. And unlike other 'extra-insulated' kilns, the fiber board is added outside of the brick and does not reduce the size of the firing chamber or stacking space.

Floor Element- Helps the controller balance the temperatures in the kiln more easily by directing heat at the bottom where a kiln is naturally cool.

Multi-Zone Controller-  Fully programmable with (4) Preset programs for standard firings and (6) User programs for custom firing profiles. Custom programs allow control of heat-up, cool-down, heat soaks, delay start and more. Multi- Zone control monitors and adjusts temperature in the chamber to keep it even from top to bottom.

Zone Pilot Lights- Pilot Lights indicate when each Zone is firing throughout the cycle. Important information when diagnosing firing issues.

Easy-Lift Hinge- Counterbalanced hinge makes lifting even the heaviest lid a breeze. Once open, the lid is supported securely on both sides. (All Models except the 1822-10)

Easy Access Control Box- Hinged Control Box swings wide open for easy access to kiln wiring and parts. Vented box keeps components cool and the angled keypad is easy to view.

More Information
SKU C-200-2322-SQ
Brand Bailey
Model TL-2322-SQ
Cubic Footage 7
Inside Dimensions (in.) 23 x 23 x 22-1/2 Deep
Outside Dimension 45 x 35 x 28 High (+8" Stand)
Actual Weight (lbs) 350
Firing Temperature Max. Cone 10
Insulation 2-1/2" Brick + 1" Block
Amps Varies: refer to 'Electrical Info'
Cord Length 8 Ft.
Stacking Area Dim 21" x 21" Square
Shelf Qty per Layer (1) Full or (2) Halves
Warranty 1 2 Years
Warranty 2 Excludes elements, relays & thermocouples
Ship Via Freight
Shipping weight 350
Free Freight Yes
Ships in Own Box Yes
Drop Ship No
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