18" x 24" x 5/16" Thermal-Lite Kiln Shelf

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Thermal-Lite Advanced Formula Nitride-Bonded Silicon Carbide shelves are unlike any other! At only 5/16" thick, they are more durable and stable than conventional shelves. Fire up to Cone 16 without warping so there is no need to rotate shelves. Feather-light: a 24" x 24" shelf weighs only 16 lbs. Super thin profile takes up less vertical space in the kiln leaving more room for your ware. Reduced thermal mass for more efficient firings. Unique surface makes removal of glaze drips fast and easy. Once you've used a Thermal-Lite shelf, there's no going back! *Please see the Tips/Safety tab below for important storage and usage information. Kiln wash containing silica is not recommended for Thermal-Lite shelves. Packing &... Read More
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SKU C-168-1824-516
Material Advanced Formula Nitride-Bonded Silicon Carbide
Firing Temperature Max. Cone 16
Usage Restrictions Info See 'Tips/Safety'
Dimensions (in.) 18 W x 24 L x 5/16
Actual Weight (lbs) 12
Shipping weight Dimensional
Drop Ship No
Ships in Own Box Yes
Free Freight No
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Storage and Drying Requirements for Thermal-Lite Shelves

It is important to protect Thermal-Lite shelves from moisture. The presence of any amount of water during the heat-up process of the product may cause damage. Because the shelves have <1% porosity, if water gets into the shelf it is difficult to drive out. Much like damp raw clay that is fired too quickly, the water inside the shelf can cause a surface fracture. Therefore:

  • Never store shelves outside even if you think they are protected from the weather.
  • Do not store on a cement floor.
  • For long term storage, keep shelves in a low humidity room.

If you suspect that your Thermal-Lite shelves have been exposed to moisture, please contact us immediately for drying instructions.

Cautions & Guidelines for Thermal-Lite shelves

  • Do not fast fire, crash cool or use for Raku firing: rapid temperature changes may cause cracking.
  • Do not allow gas flames to hit directly on the edge of the shelf. This can cause one end of the shelf to get substantially hotter than the other end. This heat differential can cause cracking. A pyrometer is necessary to monitor the rate of temperature increase in the kiln.
  • Successfully used in wood kilns. Use smaller shelves in the first chamber and larger shelves in the following chambers.
  • Successfully used in soda kilns. Note: do not spray solution directly onto the edges of the shelves.
  • 3-Post shelves using brick soaps or kiln posts with a contact area no larger than 2-1/4" x 2-1/4".
  • Use caution when stacking/unstacking electric kilns. Be sure power is off and elements are not hanging out of the grooves.
  • Do not use kiln wash that contains Silica. Silica can interact with the shelf surface. The commercial wash we carry doescontain silica (C-175-164). For Thermal-Lites the following formula is recommended:
    • 50% Alumina Hydrate
    • 25% EPK Kaolin
    • 25% Calcined Kaolin (Glomax)

Mix to the consistency of heavy cream and apply to one side of the shelf. (Because Thermal-Lite shelves never need to be rotated, kiln wash only needs to be applied to one side.) It is also recommended that you apply kiln wash to the ends of your posts where they come into contact with the shelves. Allow the wash to dry thoroughly. The application of kiln wash will not introduce enough moisture into the shelf to require a full drying cycle, but a slow candle at the beginning of the first firing after application is recommended.

Note: There is no warranty on refractories. Other than shipping damages, no claims can be made.