Model RM30 Slip Pouring Pump

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The RM30 has a unique reverse pump action. With the flip of a switch, this machine can go from filling to draining molds. The utility nozzles control slip flow from a trickle to a full 5 gallons per minute to suit any size mold. When reversed, the RM30 uses a drain tube (attached to the nozzle) that is specially designed not to damage fresh castings by drawing slip in from the sides. A real back saver for individuals working with large molds! 3 heavy duty casters allow easy mobility through the studio from mold to mold. The RM30 has a 1/3 h.p. motor and fully enclosed pump system - no bearings or seals are exposed to the slip. The pump gently agitates and conditions the slip, keeping it in ideal casting condition. The 30 gallon fiberglass... Read More