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Wheels & Accessories - Bailey Quick-Trim II TM & Original Quick-Trim TM Bat

The New improved Bailey Quick-Trim II TM Bat

There are now two versions of Bailey Quick-TrimTM
The original Bailey Quick-Trim
TM (QTM) has (4) magnetic holders to secure the pottery
for trimming and (1) optional size of optional magnetic higher holder. Some potters prefer that because they can put the magnetic holders where ever they want.

The new Bailey QT2TM uses a slotted track system to adjust the holders and offers a variety of rigid higher holders that can be used for taller forms. Both products are listed below.

The Bailey QT2 has 3 models to choose from.

Potter’s Love the Bailey QT2
The new Bailey QT2 is more versatile than ever! More and more potters are making organic shaped pots, with altered or multi-sided forms. With the Bailey QT2, it's easy and fast. 
The QT2 will accept virtually ANY shape of form which is something other centering devises can’t do. We have (4) additional heights of holders which can be purchased separately for tall forms.
It takes only 7 seconds to secure virtually any shape of pot for trimming!
The Bailey Quick-Trim II has many advantages:
1) (4) holders for flexibility when securing the pottery forms
2) Fast independent adjustment of each holder against the exterior shape.
3) Holds virtually any shape, whether symmetrical, multi-sided, or asymmetrical.
4) Superior holding power by applying “equalized” holder pressure inward from opposite sides of the pot.
5) Each QT2 can be used in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.
7) Fast mounting and dismounted of the QT2 to any wheel head with the same bat pin centers.

Mounting to Bat Pins
Both the QT2-15 and the QT2-23 are predrilled to fit bat pins with 10" hole centers. For customers owning older wheels with 9" bat pin center, we have predrilled "starter" holes on the underside that can be drilled through for mounting.

QT2-12  (for the Shimpo Aspire ONLY)  
Designed specifically for mounting to the Shimpo Aspire Wheel. The outer diameter of the QT2-12 is 12.5" and it can secure a form with a diameter of 8-3/8" diameter using the (4) 1" holders (included) with dense foam and vinyl covers. Order (optional) high holders sets below. Minor assembly required.
Item No. Model Ship Wt. Price Purchase
M-600-45 QT2-12 4 lbs. $90.00
Designed specifically for all wheels with either 9" or 10" bat pins (including the Artista).  The outer diameter of the QT2-15 is 15.5" and it can secure a form with a diameter of 11-3/4" diameter using the (4) 1" holders (included) with dense foam and vinyl covers. Order (optional) high holders sets below. Minor assembly required.
Item No. Model Ship Wt. Price Purchase
M-600-46 QT2-15 4 lbs. $95.00
Designed specifically for all wheels with either 9" or 10" bat pins. The outer diameter of the QT2-23 is 23.5" and it can secure a form with a diameter of  18-3/4" diameter using the (4) 1" holders (included) with dense foam and vinyl covers. Make sure your wheel can accept the diameter of 23.5" before ordering. Order (optional) high holders sets below.  Minor assembly required.
Item No. Model Ship Wt. Price Purchase
M-600-47 QT2-23 8 lbs. $127.00
Optional QT2 High Holders 
Made of rigid 1/8" thick aluminum x 1" wide for strong holding power. Each has a dense foam core covered by a contamination proof vinyl cover. High Holders angle inward and will reduce the potential diameter of the piece held. Knobs are not included is the kits as they are supplied with the QT2 bat. Each size is sold as a set of (4).
Item No. Description Ship Wt. Price Purchase
M-600-49 2" High Holders - Set of 4 1 lb. $16.00
M-600-50 3" High Holders - Set of 4 1 lb. $18.00
M-600-51 4" High Holders - Set of 4 1 lb. $21.00
M-600-52 6" High Holders - Set of 4 1 lb. $22.00

The Original Magnetic Bailey Quick-TrimTM Bat

The "original" magnetic style Bailey Quick-TrimTM (now referred to as the QTM) is a low cost exciting centering bat for holding a pot securely when you trim the foot. Many potter prefer this style because they have the freedom to place the holders anywhere they want, there are no tracks. The QTM has 4 holding points (instead of only 3) for securing the pot for  trimming. This provides much greater flexibility for not only trimming round  symmetrical forms, but asymmetrical and multi-sided forms. There is one set of optional magnetic high holders for taller forms. 

It’s all done with clever easily positioned magnets with super holding power to the powder-coated metal surfaced bat. The magnets give complete freedom to place wherever you want.


  • A fast versatile way for trimming pots 

  • Immediately fits onto any size wheel head with 10" centered  bat pins.

  • Each unit functions in either clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation

  • Can center round, asymmetrical, or multi-sided forms with the 4 point hold

  • Sits lower in the splash pan to catch more  trimmings.

  • Pots are held with 4 super strong magnets that can be positioned instantly to hold all types of forms.

  • Each magnet holder has a dense foam exterior, 3/4" high, with a non absorbent vinyl covering to prevent contamination from different clays.

  • Optional set of magnetic 3" high holders are available for taller forms.

  • Great for trimming, banding, or waxing.

 Available in 2 sizes.
Patent Pending

15" QTM (magnetic) 24" QTM (magnetic)

You can center symmetrical or asymmetrical oblong forms!

You can center multi-sided forms

You have great holding strength to keep the pot stationary.

A 24" large Quick-Trim can trim large diameter pots of all shapes.

3" Magnetic High Holder Set
Great for holding taller forms such as vases and tall
mugs. These 3” high magnet holders have dense foam at the top of the holder which is covered by a vinyl cap. The vinyl cap can be wiped clean to prevent contamination from different colored clays. Minor assembly required. M-600-036


Bailey Quick-TrimTM Bat

Item No. Description


Price Purchase
M-600-032 15" Quick Trim Magnetic Bat 7 lbs. $91.00
M-600-033 24" Quick Trim Magnetic Bat 16 lbs. $124.00 TEMPORARILY
M-600-036 3" High Magnet Holder Set 1 lb. $38.00
M-600-034 Extra Set of (4) Magnet Holder Assemblies 3 lbs. $52.00
M-600-035 (1) Extra Magnet Holder Assembly 1 lb. $15.00

How it Works

The Quick-Trim is quickly mounted on the 10" bat pins in your wheel head, the same as a bat.

Specially designed strong magnetic holders with 360 degrees of vinyl covered 1/8" thick foam edges are used to hold the pot at 4 points.

Just position the magnetic holder against the pot. Each magnet has 5 lbs of holding power!

Place the remaining 3 holders and you are ready to go.

Your pot is securely held
ready to trim.

The holding power of the magnets is impressive. Each magnet has a full 5 lbs of holding power on the metal surface. Picking up the magnetic holder is a snap. A lever on the top allows you to “cock” it at an angle and it instantly releases. We also developed a special non skid bottom to the magnet that prevents the painted metal from getting scratched, and supplies superior holding power.

Another advantage for potters and classrooms is the fact that you can position the Quick-Trim on any size wheel head that has bat pins installed on a 10" center (the industry standard). You can go clockwise, or counter-clockwise immediately.

The concentric lines on the face of the Quick-Trim are not provided, but are easy to make.  We supply a black permanent marker which you use to make your own concentric lines as the disc is spinning on the wheel. It takes only seconds. Many customers don’t care about having lines when they center their pots.

Two diameters of Quick-Trims are available: 15" and 24".  The 15" unit is 5/16" thick. The metal tops are bonded to a plastic disc. The larger 24" diameter Quick-Trim is 3/4" thick, with the metal top bonded to a sturdy Baltic birch disc.

Each Quick-Trim includes the powder coated metal faced bat, (4) magnetic holders (which require final assembly) and a permanent marker for adding concentric lines to the face of the disc.

Giffin Grip & Lid Masters


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