Jennifer McCurdy Workshop - SOLD OUT! Saturday May 2, 2015 & Sunday May 3, 2015

Jennifer McCurdy spent last weekend at The Bailey Pottery Workshop wowing her audience with her process and techniques for creating her elaborate forms. She spoke of how she was inspired by the sunrise and the beginning of each new day and that her work was an intense labor of love cultivated over 30 years as a full time potter. She reminded us all about becoming oneself through hard work, using lots of trial and error as information for growth, and being fearless about pushing the envelope. And, she has done just that. Her work is the proof. Many people touch the wall, meaning they have come to an important place in understanding and creating their work. I would say not only has Jennifer touched the wall, she has walked right through it to a place where each expression is complete and uniquely beautiful. It moves all of us who have our eyes open in deep and meaningful ways. We thank Jennifer for her generous spirit in sharing her many thoughts and inspirations during her master classes at Bailey. Over 60 people had an amazing weekend!

John Britt Cone 6 Glaze Workshop - SOLD OUT May 2, 3, & 4, 2014

Bailey Pottery was pleased to host our second glaze workshop with John Britt on May 2 - 4. The subject of glaze formulation can be as dry as the ingredients involved in making glazes. John Britt manages to make it as sexy and dangerous as his Jen's Juicy Fruit glaze!

We had 11 large batches of John Britt glazes and 37 small batches of Britt glazes mixed and ready for our guests when they arrived on Friday. We had made test extrusions in three different clays, and tested each glaze in both oxidation and reduction. John had lots to talk about and show the participants as he psyched them up to begin glazing their work. Group glazing is a great way to meet the folks you'll be with for two more days. The kilns were started before we left on Friday evening.

Saturday was a day of glaze theory and firing technique presented by the stand-up comedy duo of John Britt and Jim Bailey. With the addition of some fine feasting from Kingston's Bistro-to-Go, everyone had a great day.

The kilns were opened and cooling when everyone arrived on Sunday morning. It felt like Christmas morning or a new puppy! The work that came out was mostly gorgeous and everyone was so happy for each other. With notebooks out and bagels in hand, everyone had a chance to share what had worked and what hadn't.

A complete photo documentation of the workshop can be seen in two albums on our Facebook page. This video gives you a great idea of what it was like to be here.

 Bill van Gilder Workshop with Mark Shapiro - SOLD OUT Workshop: April 26, 27, & 28, 2013

We want to thank Bill van Gilder & Mark Shapiro for a wonderful and informative weekend! With over 30 participants the workshop was filled with inquiring minds and curious creative thinkers; all which contributed to a great way to spend time with fellow ceramic enthusiasts. Many topics were discussed, tools were demoed and good times were had. If you are not already, be sure to sign up for our Bailey Pottery Newsletter and be the first to know about future Workshops being held here at Bailey Pottery!

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