Artists Choice

Artists Choice
Artists Choice - These special effects glazes imitate the Artist/Potter's favorites. They are Cone 05 oxidation glazes that look like high fired reduction stoneware. Effects like Tommoku, Rutile, Oil Spot and other reduction surfaces are achieved without the cost or trouble of high fire reduction. They can be fired over any AMACO earthenware clay; however they look their best over dark or red firing clay like AMACO's 67M. The color in the clay will partially show through the texture and add another color dimension to the glaze. These glazes will look completely different depending on the clay they are applied on. Apply over cone 04 fired bisque or higher. Better results are achieved when red clay is fired one or more cones higher than the glaze firing.

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  1. Aztec Turquoise A-22
    Aztec Turquoise A-22
    Regular Price $14.50 Our Price $11.60
  2. Exotic Blue A-24
    Exotic Blue A-24
    • AP Non-toxic
    Regular Price $14.50 Our Price $11.60
  3. Peacock A-28
    Peacock A-28
    • AP Non-toxic
    Regular Price $14.50 Our Price $11.60
  4. Iron Saturate A-32
    Iron Saturate A-32