Bailey Foundry Kilns

Bailey Investment Foundry Kilns

Bailey Foundry Kilns are built for investment castings. They are essentially the same features as our pottery gas kilns except that provisions are made for the collection of wax that melts out of the investment molds. Some universities are using their Bailey shuttle kilns to fire ceramics and investment burn out.

The floors of the shuttle bed have several openings in the center area about 4.5" square. These opening in the refractory floor also continue through the steel floor of the cart. A collection pan is placed under the shuttle to collect the wax.

he floor of the shuttle cart has a layer of high alumina shelving on top to protect the insulating brick below. Investments are raised up about 5" on hard brick to allow a steel channel to be placed under the drain point on the mold. These channels are sloped downward to the drain points in the floor which directs the flowing wax into the pan underneath.

Front loading foundry kilns are also available.

This Bailey Foundry kiln is owned by Steve Harman who's studio in in Alberta, Canada. Steve's cart floor allowed modification for adding extra drain ports to access the collection of wax below the cart.

Steve's investments are elevated 5" off the floor which is encased with alumina shelving to both protect the floor and disperse the load of the investments.

Steve Harman is standing next to his bronze sculpture commissioned by the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation. Steve won the competition for this monument.

Temperature Controls

8 Segment Temperature Controller with High Limit Shut-0ff

With the addition of our 8 Segment Controller, you can program your gas foundry kiln to heat up at specific ramp rates to a soak set point . This unit will hold 6 programs, each have 8 segment capability. This programmable controller will not adjust the damper and would not be used for an entire firing process.

The controller can also be programmed for a controlled cool cycle.

Models and Sizes

Most foundries prefer shuttle kilns so large investments can be lowered into position from a mobile gantry. Refer to our section on Deluxe or PRO shuttle kilns for a selection of sizes. We also build custom sizes and smaller front loaders. Since our pottery shuttle kilns are designed to fire to high temperatures, Foundry Kilns can be configured for lower BTUs consumption proportionate to the temperatures needed for investment burnout. If you intend to use your foundry kiln for ceramics, then you would want the full BTU specification listed in the shuttle section.

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