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Bailey 4 In. Square Tile Cutter

SKU:   C-126-135
Price:   $40.00   
Sale Price:   $28.00

Perfect for producing consistent tiles. Made of stainless steel with spring-loaded plungers and Masonite push plates to release the tile after it is cut. Size listed reflects finished size of tile based on 12% shrinkage.

Tile CutterEasy DIY Coaster Project

"Forming a shape with the tile cutter is easy. Position the tile cutter directly on the clay slab and push down on the sides of the cutter to cut through the clay. Press the release button on the top of the cutter to eject the clay form."

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Weight 1.3
AP Non-toxic N
CL Health Label N
Independent Test Nontoxic N
Lead Free N
Reversible N
Assembly Required N
Drop Ship N
Material Stainless Steel
Ship Via UPS

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