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Since its introduction in 1996, the Bailey Spray Gun has become our most popular spray gun ever! Its smart “siphon action” design and convenient interchangeable bottle system have proven ideal for spraying ceramic glazes.

Because the Bailey operates by siphon action, glaze never contacts any moveable parts inside the gun so they don’t freeze-up or wear-down over time. Due to the especially abrasive nature of ceramic materials, it is common for internal parts of traditional spray guns to wear over time. The liquid nozzle and liquid tube are the only two parts that ever come into contact with the glaze and both are made of Stainless Steel. This feature makes our gun virtually maintenance free!

The Bailey Spray Gun features our convenient interchangeable plastic bottles for the easiest glaze storage and changeover. No hassles with cleaning out the gun and canister between colors. When you want to change glazes, just remove the current bottle, rinse the gun with a clean bottle of water, and attach the next glaze bottle. It’s as simple as that! Each plastic bottle is virtually unbreakable and includes a tight fitting cap for glaze storage.

The Bailey Spray Gun sprays glaze in a “cone” configuration as opposed to a “fan” pattern and has an adjustable flow rate. It is most suitable for medium to large area coverage rather than small detail work. It requires 2 C.F.M. @ 30-90 P.S.I. and has a 1/4” male plug connection (fits C-130-10 1/4” Female Coupler). Plastic bottles hold 1 Quart of glaze. The gun comes complete with (1) attached bottle and (1) extra Qt bottle with lid.

*Extra Quart bottles are available (Item No. C-135-13K) under the "
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