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105NTG White Clay w/Grog

1 - 4 $21.50
5 - 19 $20.00
20 - 99999 $19.00

SKU:   C-010-105NTG
Price:   $21.50    Box
Sale Price:   $21.50

A plastic low fire white clay body with a small amount of fine grog to improve handbuilding properties without interfering with throwing. Good for classroom use. Contains no talc. This body was developed to conform with certain regulations set by the state of Connecticut. Some commercial glazes and underglazes do not fit this body. We highly recommend testing for glaze and underglaze fit.

Weight 50
Absorption 15.3% @C/06 : 14.5% @C/04
Shrinkage 5% @C/06 : 5.6% @C/04
Container Size 50 lb Box
Firing Temperature Cone 06-04
Drop Ship N
Ship Via UPS

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