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Kilns & Accessories - Kiln Materials

Are You Building A Kiln?
Are you building a kiln? Make up a list of materials and send it to us for a special price quote. We handle all the standard Fiber modules, fiber boards, and much more. We can give you the best price available.

Please note that bricks vary in size and weight. Freight charges will vary accordingly. For an exact quote on shipping please place your order over the phone. Large orders shipped by common carrier can be quoted upon request. Local customers can pickup bricks at the factory. A $15.00 packing fee applies to each box shipped. Call for maximum quantities per box (applies to UPS only).

Fire Brick
(All brick may be grouped for best price)




(images not to relative proportion)

Fire Brick

Item No. Description Wt. 1-24 25-999 Purchase
K23-45-25-00 K-23 Insulating Brick (2300F) 9" x 4.5" x 2.5" straight 2 Ibs. $4.54 Call
K23-45-30-00 K-23 Insulating Brick (2300F) 9" x 4.5" x 3" straight 2.5 Ibs. $5.42 Call
K23-60-25-00 K-23 Insulating Brick (2300F) 9" x 6" x 2.5"  straight 3 Ibs. $6.48 Call
K23-45-30-A4 #1 Arch Brick (2300F) 9" x 4.5" x 3-2.73"
(for Bailey 38/24, 48/31,18-C uses #1 & #2)
2.5 lbs. $5.13 Call
K23-45-30-A2 #2 Arch Brick (2300F) 9" x 4.5" x 3-2.5"
(for Bailey 13/8, 18/12, 24/16, 28/18, 34/22, 18-C uses #1 & #2)
2.5 lbs. $4.10 Call
K23-67-30-A5 2.64 Arch Brick (2300F) 9" x 6.75" x 3-2.64"
(for Bailey PRO 28-32-40-54)
3.5 lbs. $9.98 Call
K23-67-30-A7 2.727 Arch Brick (2300F) 9" x 6.75" x 3-2.727"
(for Bailey PRO 70 and up)
4.5 lbs. $8.17 Call
K25-45-25-00 K-25 Insulating Brick (2500F) 9" x 4.5" x 2.5" straight 2.5 lbs. $5.09 Call
K25-60-25-00 K-25 Insulating Brick (2500F) 9" x 6" x 2.5" straight 3.5 lbs. $11.74 Call
K25-45-45-HB Empire Hard Brick Split 2.5" x 4.5" x 4.5"
(Note: This brick is cut, so one 4.5" may be smaller)
4.25 lbs. $5.00 Call
K26-45-25-00 K-26 Insulating Brick (2600F) 9" x 4.5" x 2.5"  straight 3 Ibs. $5.63 Call
K26-60-25-00 K-26 Insulating Brick (2600F) 9" x 6" x 2.5" straight 4 Ibs. $9.81 Call
K30-45-25-HB EMI Hard Brick (3000F) 9" x 4.5" x 2.5" 8 Ibs. $6.50 Call

Ceramic Fiber Products

Ceramic Fiber Blanket (Kaowool)
Ideal for lightweight raku kilns, high fire kiln linings, door gaskets and kiln insulation. Cuts easily with shears. All rolls are two feet wide by 25 feet long (50 sq. ft./roll) except where noted. Lengths are cut from the two feet wide roll by one foot long increments which is equivalent to a 2 square foot increment. Available by the full roll and by the 2 square foot increment. Note: Always wear a mask and gloves when handling. 2300F fiber should never exceed 2100F; 2600F fiber should never exceed 2400F. Ship wt lb per sq ft.

Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Item No. Description Roll
Than Roll
(sold in 2 square feet increments which is one linear foot of a 2 ft. wide roll)
C-162-1 2300 Kaowool / 1" thick, 6 lb. density 26 lbs. $4.09/ sq. ft. $171.50


C-162-3 2600 Kaowool / 1" thick, 6 lb. density 26 lbs. $6.75/ sq. ft. $295.00


C-162-4 2600 Kaowool / 1" thick, 8 lb. density 34 lbs. $8.65/ sq. ft. $365.50


Ceramic Fiber Board
(Excellent for Damper Boards)

Note: Fiber Board cannot ship UPS unless sheets are cut in half.
Caution: A fairly strong odor will be noticed for a short while during initial heating. The physical properties of the board will not be affected.

Ceramic Fiber Board

Item No. Description Price Purchase
RF-26-FB (2600F) 24" x 48" x 1-1/2" thick
10-14 lb. density (Full Sheet) = 8 Sq/Ft

Inconel Anchor Studs

Ceramic Cuplock Anchor

Fiber Blanket Anchor System Parts

Fiber Blanket Anchor System Parts

Item No. Description Price Ea. Purchase
C-162-6 4 in. Inconel Anchor Stud $4.65
C-162-7 6 in. Inconel Anchor Stud $3.65
C-162-8 8 in. Inconel Anchor Stud $4.70
C-162-9 2 in. Ceramic Cuplock Anchor  $4.50

Cements & Mortars

Bailey IFB Brick Cement
Our Cement is specially formulated for repairing broken insulating firebrick. Traditional mortars are too thick and dry too quickly. Our cement is of a yogurt consistency and dries slowly. It is intended for establishing the best possible bond when fusing a broken section of brick back in place. Do not use on kiln lids.

Bailey IFB Brick Cement

Item No. Description Wt. Price Purchase
C-163-26 Bailey IFB Brick Cement - Pint 2 lbs. $33.00

(pint size shown)

Bailey IFB Mortar
Cement for Insulating Fire Brick; use to attach brick to brick. Do not use on kiln lids.

Bailey IFB Morter

Item No. Description Aprx. Wt. Price Purchase
C-163-4 IFB Morter - Pail 55 lbs. $74.00
C-163-5 IFB Morter - Gallon 16 lbs. $18.00
C-163-6 IFB Morter - Pint 2 lbs. $4.50

(pail size shown)

#36 Refractory Brick Cement (formerly Sairmix 7)
Cement mostly for brick to brick adhesion, can be used to attach some fiber to brick, although fiber bonding cement if recommended for most fiber based adhesion. Never use on kiln lid surfaces, or any soft brick surfaces as it will peel and fall off due to high shrinkage. For estimating coverage for brick to brick mortaring, (1) 55 lb. pail is estimated to be sufficient to adhere 130 bricks.

#36 Refractory Cement (formerly Sairmix 7)

Item No. Description Aprx. Wt. Price Purchase
C-163-1 #36 Refractory Cement - Pail  55 lbs. $80.30
C-163-2 #36 Refractory Cement - Container 
(approx. 1 gallon)
15 lbs. $39.30
C-163-3 #36 Refractory Cement - Pint 2 lbs. $5.50

Fiber Bonding Cement
Fiber Bonding Cement contains ball milled fibers bonded with inorganic additives to provide an air setting refractory coating or bond. When exposed to temperatures above 1600F, this cement actually undergoes an increase in strength due to the ceramic bonds which are formed. Use to attach fiber to fiber, fiber to brick or brick to brick. Do not use on kiln lids.

Fiber Bonding Cement

Item No. Description  Wt. Price Purchase
C-163-7 Fiber Bonding Cement - Gallon 10 lbs. $255.00
C-163-8 Fiber Bonding Cement - Quart 4 lbs. $70.00
C-163-9 Fiber Bonding Cement - Pint 2 lbs. $41.00

ITC Ceramic Coatings

ITC Fiber and Brick Ceramic Coatings
ITC 100 HT: Ceramic coatings traditionally have been more of a hindrance than a help. However, we have tested the ITC 100 HT Ceramic Coating in our fiber kilns (already in service) and have found it to bond nicely to the surface of the walls and the roof over time. In this instance, the material has important value since it acts as a sealant to minimize the potential of airborne fiber particles. It should never be used on fiber gaskets, or areas that require flexibility.

We have heard varying results from our customers in their claims about reduction in fuel consumption. These claims vary from very satisfied to moderately satisfied. Smaller gas kilns seemed to show the best results with reductions in firing time. Some customers have reported improved insulation performance when coating older IFB bricks. It is very important to follow the instructions for thinning and preparing the surface in order to get optimal results. Don't over coat the surface. Follow the recommendations closely. Note: If you intend to spray fiber, you will generate dust. We recommend a disposable jump suit and complete protection of face, hands and hair (and of course an appropriate mask).

ITC Fiber and Brick Ceramic Coatings

Item No. Description Price Purchase
C-163-22 ITC 100 HT Coating - Pint $93.00
C-163-20 ITC 100 HT Coating - Gallon $369.00

ITC 200 EZ
This material is useful for applications where sections of brick are missing and a repair is crucial to the function of the kiln (i.e.: element brick supports, door jam seals, etc.). To use, a coating of ITC 100 is applied to establish a base coat. The ITC 200 is then applied to fill the void. We do not recommend filling cracks in ceilings or lids of electric kilns since it could cause debris to fall through expansion and contraction.

ITC 200 EZ

Item No. Description Price Purchase
C-163-23 ITC 200 EZ Coating - Pint $79.00
C-163-25 ITC 200 EZ Coating - Gal. $346.00



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