New! Bailey Heated Drying Cabinets
Bailey Heated Drying Cabinet
Bailey BDC-426 Heated Drying Cabinet with Digital Temperature Control
6' wide x 5' high x 2' deep.  Custom sizes are available.


The Bailey "heated" Drying Cabinet accelerates the drying time for pottery pieces so students can be more productive in their output with limited classroom time.  Drying cabinets also help at insuring the work is properly dried before bisquing, or drying out wet glaze on refired pieces.  The cabinets are thermostatically controlled to provide a temperature range between 109F and 114F in which to accelerate the drying. This is useful for both greenware and plaster molds.

The digital controller has a preset temperature set point of 112F, with a deviation temperature range from 111F to 116F. The digital controller provides precise temperature control and a digital readout showing both the set point temperature in a green LED display, and the actual temperature reading above it in a red LED display. Two heating elements are placed at the bottom of the cabinet, one at the back wall and one forward to provide optimal uniformity of the "updraft" effect so pieces will dry evenly. The heating elements extend the total width of the cabinet. The placement of the thermocouple in relation to the heating element at the base of the cabinet insures that the element will never overheat the bottom shelf, even if the doors on the cabinet are left open (by mistake).

The upper cabinet side walls have outtake ventilation grills.  This promotes efficient updraft current from the heat source at the base of the cabinet while releasing moisture. 

For safety, we have incorporated a hidden high limit set point of 130F that will trip the unit off completely should some condition cause the temperature to rise beyond the preprogrammed range.  If the 130F safety set point is reached, the unit will lock off and stay off until it is manually reset. The digital controller is preset and tamper proof to prevent students from raising the temperature in the cabinet to a level that would be too hot to hold with bare hands.

The cabinet comes with (5) heavy duty shelves which have extra reinforcement girders in the center area to provide maximum stability.  Shelves can be readily repositioned to new vertical positions.  We provide mounting intervals of every 2.5" for the rungs that support the shelves.  Additional shelves and rungs can be purchased individually.

The protective grill ensures that fingers can not touch the element.

Bailey Drying Cabinets are certified for the US and Canada. We are the only company manufacturing a certified drying cabinet for ceramics in the US or Canada.


Heated Drying Cabinet Controller
Thermostatically precision controlled  temperature with master on/off and re-set button.
14 gauge K thermocouple for lifetime trouble free operation.
Protective expanded sheet metal to prevent contact with heating element.
Vented top sides to promote updraft circulation and even heat distribution.
Optional Swivel casters with brakes can be order to offer mobility and convenient placement.
You have great flexibilty in placement of the shelving.  Intervals for shelf rungs are located every 2.5".  You can make great use of space!
Shelved are industrical quality, powder coated with a clear finish, and have two center girder supports to prevent any flexing.
Magnetic door stops provide a strong hold with smooth opening action. No catches are necessary. The white vinyl resting pad prevents scratches to the paint by the magnets.
Model: Bailey HDC-526
Dimensions: 6 ft wide x 5.5 ft high and 2 ft deep
Voltage Specs: 240V 12.5 amp 3000 watts, 208V 14.4 amp 3000 watts.
Recommended Breaker: 20 Amp
Supplied with 6' of cord and a plug rated for 25 amps
Ordering: This item is built to order and must be ordered by phone. (800) 431-6067