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Wax Resist Aftosa Wax Resist Popular blue-green wax especially good for application over already glazes areas for double-dipping and overlapping color techniques. It also can be used as a general resist on foot rings etc. but requires a fairly heavy application and a 6-8 hour drying period for best results. Aftosa wax can be thinned with water for detail work. Store in a closed container and do not allow wax to freeze. Always pour a small amount into a separate container to be used (do not dip brush directly in the jar) and throw away any leftover wax. DO NOT return used wax to the main storage jar as contamination is likely. AFTOSA Black Wax Resist Fabulous for detailed work. Outline your designs and fill in with glaze. The wax separates your colors during application and leaves a black line after firing. Black color holds up to Cone 8. Cover with clear glaze to intensify color. Michelman Wax A clear to white colored wax with excellent brushing properties for easy application to bisque. Resists extremely well after only a short drying period: 30 mins. is usually sufficient, This wax can be colored with food dye to improve visibility if desired and thinned with water if necessary. Michelman Wax does not adhere well to raw-glazed surfaces. Store tightly covered and do not allow to freeze. Keep wax in use separate to avoid contamination.

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