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Duncan Lusters - like gold, and platinum! Apply over fired glaze to add brilliant accents that'll make your project look like a billion bucks! Metallic Overglazes for the brilliance of gold and white gold, and lusters for a rainbow of hues like the pearl of an oyster shell. Overglazes are an accent product that are applied over a fired glaze and then kiln fired to a relatively low temperature. They are sometimes referred to as "third fire" glazes. Mother of Pearl is a luster, an overglaze; it is applied over a shiny fired glaze of any color. (Copper glazes should not be used). Any natural hair brush will work, it should be clean. Apply MOP in swirls, just one thin coat. You want to see brushstrokes; they will be the swirls in the finished piece. Fire to cone 020.

SKU:  C-036-OA901
Price: $7.50

NOT Dinnerware Safe  

SKU:  C-036-OG802
Price: $40.65

NOT Dinnerware Safe  

SKU:  C-036-OG803
Price: $10.80

NOT Dinnerware Safe  

SKU:  C-036-OG805
Price: $61.05

NOT Dinnerware Safe  


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