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Paper Clay -Any clay body with paper pulp added. WHY P'CLAY? Because paper pulp does incredible things to clay! The addition of paper pulp to clay distributes extremely fine paper fibers throughout the body that serve two basic functions: (1) creates a strong but flexible INTERNAL STRUCTURE in the clay; (2) creates a "CAPILLARY SYSTEM" that transfers moisture easily and evenly throughout the clay. Some of the results are: Incredibly strong slabs - even extra thin slabs will fold, bend and drape without tearing; Extra large/thick forms hold up under their own weight; Greenware re-wets easily and evenly allowing you to: re-work, alter and add new clay at any stage of dryness; build an "armature" and allow it to dry as a support for sculpture that need not be removed for firing. Moisture "wicks-out" of paper clay so evenly that pieces can be force-dried with excellent results. Exaggerated forms hold their shape* Greenware - even bone dry - is unbelievably strong: easy to handle and transport if necessary. Make Paper clay into a "putty" to repair cracks in greenware or to construct forms out of previously made "modules". You may even repair or add to already bisqued paper clay (re-bisque pieces after making alterations for best results) (*be careful not to get too extreme: once bisqued, the fiber structure burns out and slumping may occur if the base-clay is over-fired). In addition, the burn-out of the paper fibers results in a noticeably lower fired weight especially in large-scale works and the resulting open-ness gives improved thermal shock properties to most aper clay bodies. Tucker's mixes and tests its P'Clay_ with the same high standards of quality control that they apply to their regular clays. (A preservative is added to P'Clay to prevent excessive mold-growth due to the paper content, but some is to be expected.) *** 2 final notes: 1) Bisque firing P'Clay_ will produce a smoking period while the paper fiber burns out - kilns must be well vented! 2) The paper pulp used in P'Clay is an organic material and will in time become moldy. A food-grade preservative is added to the P'Clay to slow the growth of this mold; however, it cannot prevent it. Because of this, we try to limit our stock to keep it as fresh as possible and recommend that our customers do the same. The mold does not effect the properties of the clay (it actually makes it more plastic) and it will burn out during firing. It is, however, unattractive and may cause problems for people who are allergic or sensitive to mold. (Moldy P'Clay is not returnable.)

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