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New Thermal-Lite Kiln Shelves

New Thermal-Lite Kiln Shelves

And the Exceptional Features they Boast

Kiln shelves are the supportive structure that we fire our work on and we rely on them for successful firings. There are many kiln shelf options available; depending on the type of firing you may be doing, there are also key features to consider when deciding which shelves suit you.

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Our Guide to Calculating Kiln Firing Costs

Our Guide to Calculating Kiln Firing Costs

Use This Guide to Calculate Your Cost of Firing a Standard Electric Kiln

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to fire an electric kiln? Maybe you access a shared kiln and would like to divvy up the cost of a firing. While there are a number of factors that go into overall kiln costs such as studio rent or kiln maintenance, it is possible to hone in on what you pay for a single firing. In fact, we have a guideline that we use to calculate the approximate cost of firing our standard top loading or front loading electric kilns and we are going to share it here with you.

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