New Advanced Formula Thermal-Lite Kiln Shelves

New Advanced Formula Thermal-Lite Kiln Shelves

And the Exceptional Features they Boast

Author: lyla a/Thursday, January 5, 2017/Categories: Featured Products

Kiln shelves are the supportive structure that we fire our work on and we rely on them for successful firings. There are many kiln shelf options available; depending on the type of firing you may be doing, there are also key features to consider when deciding which shelves suit you.

Recommendations for firing type and temperature, ease of cleaning, warp resistance, costs and shelf weight are all features you will want to look for. In today’s post, Jim Bailey explains the impressive features of Bailey’s newest shelf option the Thermal-Lite Kiln Shelves, great for both electric and gas kiln firings.

Bailey Ceramic Supply is pleased to offer a full range of ultra thin (5/16" thick) NSIC silicon carbide kiln shelves from Europe which have been technically formulated for superior strength, low mass, and no warpage up to cone 16 (2651°F/1455°C). 

The advantages of Thermal-Lite NSIC shelves are their ultra-light weight for ease of handling and their dependable warp-free stability at high temperatures. The unique glassy surface on the top of each shelf makes removal of glaze drips a fast simple process. Because some clay, such as porcelain, has a tendency to flux more than stoneware and subsequently stick to kiln furniture at high temperatures, it is still recommended to put a thin layer of kiln wash over the surface as a preventative measure. If ever a condition were to occur where a ceramic glaze substrate did bond to the surface, because these shelves have extremely low porosity (less than 1%), the glaze will not penetrate into the shelf like they might on oxide bonded silicon carbide, coredierite, or high alumina kiln shelves.
Stacking into a top loader can be stressful to your back.  The featherweight Thermal-Lite kiln shelves make it infinitely easier on your back!  Another advantage when using Thermal-Lite kiln shelves in a top loading electric kiln is the lightweight full round kiln shelves (21" round and 26" round). These full rounds only require (3) posts, which provide more open space for pottery and large platters.  With these super light full rounds, you have no center seams to line up, and no issues with "two levels" when half shelves become warped.  The Thermal-Lites are always perfectly flat!

Great for Gas and Electric Kilns, these shelves are now available in a range of sizes of squares, rectangles, rounds and half rounds. Shop now for Thermal-Lite Kiln Shelves.    



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