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Laguna Water-Based Latex Resist

SKU:   C-042-114-PT
Price:   $11.00    Pint
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This item cannot be allowed to freeze and will not be shipped during the winter months.

A water-based Latex used as a peelable resist. Apply directly to greenware, bisque or over a raw glaze surface- wherever you want to prevent glaze from adhering. After applying a layer of glaze, peel away the latex. Latex can be peeled from the pot as soon as 5-10 minutes after application. Leaving the latex on the pot for extended periods (3 or more hours) will make peeling difficult. You can apply and peel as many times as you like.

If applying by brush, it is recommended that you dip the bristles into liquid soap first, squeeze out the extra soap and then dip into the latex. This will allow you to wash the latex out of the brush after use with soapy water.

Be sure to peel off all layers of Latex before firing! Never burn latex off in the kiln as it will release toxic fumes and vapors and may leave a residue on the ceramics.

Please note: This product will be ruined if frozen and cannot be shipped during the winter months.

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