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DRD/II 24 Direct Drive Slab Roller: Machine Only

SKU:   M-400-038-RH-K
Price:   $1,123.00   
Sale Price:   $899.00

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*Sale Price and Free Freight includes Slab Roller, Round Handle and (1) Canvas only. Tables are available- see 'Related Products'

Bailey Slab Roller DRD II
34" Round Handle
Simultaneous Height Adjustment Slab Roller Bi-Level Counters
The large 34" Diameter Round Handle provides ample leverage for easy clay rolling. Top roller is adjusted from one side only. Rollers always remain parallel for consistently even clay slabs.  The lower feed counter increases the surface contact between the bottom roller and the clay canvas for better grip and compression. 

Bailey DRD/II 24 Direct Drive Slab Roller. Our engineers succeeded in building a thoroughly professional slab roller, with all the logical and rugged features you expect from Bailey, but at an extremely affordable price. Never before has a professional clay slab roller offered so much value.

The DRD/II 24 DD Slab Roller is a direct drive machine meaning that the handle is directly attached to the bottom roller shaft. It features a large 34” dia round handle which provides ample leverage to roll approx. 2” of soft, wedgable clay into a slab in one pass. Gears are steel- never nylon or plastic. The rollers are set parallel and the height is adjusted from one side for precise even clay slabs. A convenient guide allows you to determine the clay thickness ranging from 1/16”- 1-1/2”.

Two table options are available: see 'Related Products' for details. The machine is offset toward one end of the table because you need less space for the feed clay. This leaves a larger work area for the finished clay slab: 48” on the Long Table and 32” on the Short Table. The bi-level counters enhance the slab rolling process. The lower feed counter exposes more of the bottom roller to grab and compress the clay while the higher exit counter permits the finished clay slab to glide out smoothly. The melamine surface of the counters minimizes drag on the finished clay slab. Note: melamine surfaces should not be saturated with water. Do not leave wet clay sitting on the counter top for extended periods. Wipe clean and dry with a towel. Dop not cut directly on the melamine surface or damage may occur. Both the Long and Short table have castors on 2 legs to allow you to easily move the slab roller if necessary. 
The DRD/II 24 DD machine and tables ship via UPS and assembly is required. 



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