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Studio Starter Package Handbuilding Level 3

Price:   $6,314.00    Each
Sale Price:   $4,966.00

The Level 3 Handbuilding Package includes the DRD II/24G Gear Reduced Slab Roller with 51” Table, Standard 4 Extruder and Standard Die Kit, an 8-Piece Doo Woo Pottery Tool Kit, Apron, Xiem Wedging Board, 16” Turntable, (1) 44 lb Box of Tucker’s CCS Speckled Cone 6 Stoneware and the Bailey TL2322-10 5.83 Cu Ft Kiln with Furniture Kit and an Extra Set of Replacement Elements. This is a great grouping of equipment for the serious potter.

The DRD II/24G Slab Roller with 51” Table is a rugged, professional machine capable of rolling 2 ½” – 3” of soft wedgable clay into a ½” slab in one pass. Steel gear reduction increases the force applied to the 34” round handle to make rolling a breeze. Thickness is infinitely variable from 1/8” – 1 ½” and is adjusted at one side on the machine for perfectly even slabs. The sturdy 51” Table features a 32” exit counter for processing your slabs and castors on 2 legs for mobility. The DRD II Series is our most popular line with colleges, group studios and professional potters.

The Standard 4 Extruder and Standard Die Kit will allow you to extrude shapes from solid coils to 2 ½” Square or 3” Round tubes. Ready to wall mount, the Standard 4 will open up a new realm of possibilities for both functional and sculptural work.

The Bailey TL2322-10 features a 23” Dia x 22” Deep firing chamber, 3 ½” Double-Insulated Walls, Elements in the walls and floor and the fully programmable 3-Zone Bartlett V6-CF Controller. It’s the perfect size for the beginning production pottery: large enough for bowls, plates and platters yet not too large to fill. Rated to Cone 10 and programmable for all types of firings including slow cool and crystalline glazes: perfect for exploring new techniques. Included with the kiln is a High Alumina Furniture Kit containing (3) 21” Full Round and (3) 21” Half Round Shelves, (3) ea 2”, 6” & 8” and (6) ea of 1” & 4” Kiln Posts and 2 lbs of Kiln Wash. In addition, each kiln comes with a Free Set of Replacement Elements. (Kiln included in package is 240V/1 Ph 48 Amps and requires a 60 Amp breaker. It is Direct Wired- no plug.)

This Package ships FREIGHT FREE via Common Carrier in the contiguous US(*).

 (*) A $100.00 Western State Surcharge applies to the following states: KS, OK, ND, SD, NE, MT, WY, CO, TX, ID, UT, NM, AZ, WA, OR, NV & CA.

(Substitutions cannot be made to Starter Packages.)

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