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Studio Starter Package
Throwing, Level 1

Price:   $1,789.00    Each
Sale Price:   $1,437.00
The Level 1 Throwing Package includes the Speedball Artista table top potters wheel and accessories, a Pottery Tool Kit, Apron, Xiem Wedging Board and Paragon's Caldera XL kiln with Furniture Kit. Perfect for the potter with limited space who may want to store their equipment when it's not in use. NOTE: Caldera-XL and Furniture Kit ship separately from the Manufacturer. Lead time is 3-4 weeks.

The Artista wheel has a variable speed hand control and is rated to center up to 25 lbs of clay. The 11” wheelhead is drilled with bat pins 10” on center allowing you to use most commercially made bats. Included with the Artista are 2 pails, 2 Bats and a Throwing DVD.

The Paragon Caldera XL is a great little computerized top-loading kiln with an 8” x 8" square x 9” deep firing chamber, 3” brick walls, lid & floor and is rated to Cone 10. The kiln runs on 120V power with a standard household plug: no need for a 240V line or special outlet. It draws 15 amps and requires a dedicated 20 amp breaker. The kiln has the Sentry Xpress 5.0 3-Key Controller for precise repeatable firings. It's perfect for firing clay and glazes from low fire to Cone 10. Also included is a Furniture Kit containing (2) 7" x 7" square shelves, (4) each 1”, 3” & 5” Posts and 1 lb of Kiln Wash.

This Package ships FREIGHT FREE via UPS in the contiguous US. NOTE: Caldera-XL & Furniture Kit ship separately from the manufacturer. All other items ship from Bailey in Kingston, NY. Lead time on Kiln & F.K. is 3-4 weeks.

(Substitutions cannot be made to Starter Packages.)

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