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12x24x5/16 Inch
Thermal-Lite Kiln Shelf

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NEW from Bailey... Thermal-Lite Shelves

So light... they almost float on air!
So strong... they won’t warp at high temperatures.
For electric kilns and gas kilns.

Tired of lifting heavy kilns shelves into the gas kiln? Now there is no need to strain your back stacking gas or electric kilns. Thermal-Lite nitride-bonded silicon carbide shelves are not only strong but incredibly light weight. For example, this 12” x 24” x 5/16” thick Thermal-Lite shelf weighs only a mere 9 lbs!

Tired of having to rotate shelves to keep them flat? Thermal-Lite nitrided-bonded silicon carbide is the answer. Thermal-Lite shelves have amazing durability and stability. You don’t have to rotate them. Imagine a feather-light 24” x 24” shelf weighing only 16 lbs!  Not only are that feather weight, but you save shelf space by only needing 3 posts per shelf to support them and they will stay perfectly flat. You can reduce hours of handling kiln furniture by leaving your furniture stacked and only replace the wares. The perfectly flat shelf surface prevents large pots from warping.

Want to get more functional height in your kiln? For every 5 layers of shelves you save 3-3/8” of stacking height compared to conventional 1" shelves. That can add another shelf layer for every firing. You also reduce the thermal mass substantially which will result in reduced energy costs.

 “Once you’ve used a Thermal-Lite Shelf, there’s no going back!”

Please note: there is no warranty on refractories! There are many factors that can cause shelves to fail over which we have no control. It is the nature of the material. Other than shipping damages, no claims can be made on refractories.

Kiln wash is used to protect shelves from glaze drips and contact sticking (when the unglazed foot of a pot fuses to the shelf during firing due to the degree of melt reached in the clay body itself). This most often occurs with porcelain and high fire stoneware and can happen on any type of shelf including Thermal-Lites.

Kiln washes containing silica are not recommended for Thermal-Lite shelves because the silica can interact with the shelf surface. Many commercial washes, including the one we carry (Item No. C-175-164), contain silica. Thermal-Lite shelves require a silica-free wash that is high in alumina such as:

50% Alumina Hydrate

25% EPK Kaolin

25% Calcined Kaolin (Glomax)

Mix with water to the consistency of heavy cream and apply to the shelf. One coat should be enough. Allow the wash to dry thoroughly. Drying time can be reduced by using a fan to blow air across the surface. The application of kiln wash will not introduce enough moisture into the shelf to require a full drying cycle. A slow candle at the beginning of the first firing following the application of the kiln wash is recommended.

Because Thermal-Lite shelves never have to be rotated, kiln wash only ever needs to be applied to one side of the shelf. It is also recommended to apply kiln wash to each end of your kiln posts where they contact the shelves. 

Packing and shipping charges apply to all shelf orders.

Smaller sizes and quantities may be able to ship via UPS. Larger orders/sizes must ship by common carrier freight.

For UPS shipments:

2-3 shelves per box, depending on the size. Maximum of 3 boxes total. $15.00 per box Packing . Shipping is additional- UPS rates apply.  NOTE: shelves require significant amounts of packing and the boxes used are considered ‘oversize’ by UPS. Call (800) 431-6067 for a rate.

For Freight shipments:

A crating charge is assessed that is 10% of the dollar amount of the shelves with a minimum charge of $15.00 / maximum of $40.00. Freight charges are additional. Call 800-431-6067 for a rate.

Storing and Drying Requirements for Thermal-Lite Refractory

The presence of any amount of water in Thermal-Lite  (silicon nitride-bonded silicon carbide) refractory components during the rapid heat-up process of the product may cause the product's surface to be destroyed much like a raw clay that explodes when fired too quickly. It is important to protect all Thermal-Lite refractory components from any moisture. If any Thermal-Lite refractory components come in contact with any form of moisture, the product must be completely dried before it is used.  Refer to our website or call us for more Thermal-Lite instructions and general information.

Keep Shelves Dry at all times.
If shelves are exposed to water for extended time, do not fire them! Call for information.
Never store shelves on a cement floor (which can be damp).
Never store shelves where they could be rained on.
If shelves are not going to be used for months, keep them in a low humidity room.
Not recommended for salt firing.
Not recommended for wood kilns near fire boxes.
When used in soda kilns, do not blow spray directly into the edge of the shelves.
Do not use full hard brick (with  2.5” x  4.5” bottom area) for posting.
Post with square, round, or triangular posts (2.25” wide or less)
Post with Soap style bricks (2.5” x 2.25 bottom area)
Do not direct gas flames directly into shelves, or directly into and a shelf edge.
Never create any circumstance in kiln heating wear one side of the shelf can get substantially hotter the other side of the shelf. 

These Thermal-Lite shelves are rated to Cone 16.  As with all refractories, ‘fast firing’ and ‘crash cooling’ are not advisable as heat shock can cause cracking. Click here for information on controlling heating rates.

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