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Thompson Raku(to C6)**XTRA MOIST

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6 - 23 $20.24
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SKU:   C-050-023
Price:   $21.56    Box
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This clay is designed primarily for Raku but can be fired as high as Cone 6. It is quite plastic but contains 20% (30x80)-mesh grog for excellent building and drying properties as well as warpage and thermal shock resistance. It fires to a light buff color @ Raku temperatures. For sculptural applications, the high grog content also increases wet strength and permits thick cross-sections for large-scale work. It is a pleasant, warm light-tan when fired to Cone 6.

Wet to Dry Shrinkage 6.5
Weight 44
Absorption 1% @C/6
Shrinkage 12% @C/6
Container Size 44 lb Box
Firing Temperature Cone 06-6
Drop Ship N
Ship Via UPS

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