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Conditionally Dinnerware Safe Dinnerware Safe when covered with a Dinnerware Safe glaze.

Independent Test Non-Toxic Independently Tested Non-Toxic

Laguna’s Oxide Stains include seven earthen colors which are perfect for highlighting and accentuating. They are prepared in a special suspension solution for easy, even application. Can be used to accent textures and for drawing designs and patterns under or over a glaze. These oxides are independently certified Non Toxic and Dinnerware Safe when covered with a food safe glaze. Colors are stable up to Cone 5.

Weight 1.9
Application Method Brushing
Firing Temperature Cone 06-5
AP Non-toxic N
CL Health Label N
Drop Ship N
Series Oxide Stains
Container Size Pint
Dinnerware Safe Restrictions When covered by a Dinnerware Safe Clear Glaze and
Dinnerware Safe X
Independent Test Nontoxic Y
Lead Free Y

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