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Bailey 4-in-1 Mixer/Pugmills do so much more! Why limit yourself?

Mix Clay From Dry Powder  Reclaim Clay   3-Stage Blending System  Extrude Tile and More  

Mix from powder and create your own clay bodies from scratch. Always perfectly blended and de-aired.

Eliminate wasted clay. Reclaim dry greenware or recondition clay too stiff to wedge. The Bailey mixer/pugmill can handle all of your reclaiming needs. 

The unique Bailey 3- stage blending system makes these the fastest and most efficient self-feeding mixer/pugmills on the market. Clay is first blended in the mixing hopper, then pressed through stainless screens for de-airing and finally compressed and pugged through our long barrel for a perfectly homogenous mix. 


Bailey has designed these machines to do so much more. Extrude tile with the optional Tile Nozzle. Or, with the optional Tube Extruder, create solid and hollow forms.  

Total Stainless Steel construction for all types of clay including porcelains which are corrosive to aluminum. The MSV-25-SS is perfect for the one person studio to the large classroom or community workshop. This 4-in-1 Mixer/Pugmill mixes, recycles, de-airs and extrudes saving your hours of work and time.

When used as a dedicated pugmill, you can effortlessly pug out an impressive 900 lbs. per hour. The MSV-25-SS makes feeding the clay much easier than a standard pugmill where you have to use force to push the clay into the mill with a plunger. With the MSV25-SS, you just drop in the clay and close the lid without force: it's as simple as that! The clay will automatically feed through the machine. And unlike other brands of mixer/pugmills, you don't have to waste time filling the entire barrel with clay in mix mode before you can actually pug out with vacuum. When we say you get 900 lbs. an hour, we mean it!

As a mixer, the MSV25-SS can mix from dry powder or recycle dry scrap and clay too hard to wedge into clay ready to throw in just minutes. 20-25 lbs. of clay can be loaded into the mix chamber, and after a brief mix mode, you pug it through.  And you don't have to hover over the mixer. Load it, get in mix mode, and then come back to pug it out.  Most studio potters don't accumulate that much scrap to recycle, and if you recycle every day or two, you never have a buildup. Pugging is what potters spend more time doing than recycling, and the MSV is your best solution for easy use and superior blending of the clay.

The MSV-25-SS works as table top model or can be made mobile with the optional table. You can trust Bailey for honest  facts. And the fact is, the Bailey MSV units have longer barrels purposefully to give far superior "3-Stage Blending" and continuous faster pugging than "short auger" style mixer pugmills. Call us for comparisons to other brands. Get the facts and make an make an informed decision.

Horsepower 1
Phase 1
Pug Diameter 3.25
Amps 12
Capacity 25
Dimensions 57
Voltage 110
Weight 330
Effective HP 1 HP
Vac Pump 1/3 HP/ 110 V/ 4.7A
Pug Rate 900 lb/hr
Model MSV 25 Stainless
Drop Ship N
Material Stainless Steel
Ship Via Truck
Warranty 3 Years

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