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Dragon Scale Crackle GLW50

SKU:   C-075-GLW50
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NOT Dinnerware Safe Not Dinnerware Safe
Independent Test Non-Toxic Independently Tested Non-Toxic

Georgie’s GLW Crackle Series glazes are a group of translucent colors formulated to crackle when fired. Colors will be darker where thick and lighter where thin and the clay color may show through. Thicker applications may run. All are independently certified Non-Toxic. However, they are not Dinnerware Safe because of their crackled surfaces. After firing, brush surface with India Ink and wipe back to accent the crackled patterns. Apply to Cone 04 bisque and fire to Cone 5.

Weight 1.7
Application Method Brushing
Firing Temperature Cone 5-6
Series Crackle
AP Non-toxic N
CL Health Label N
Dinnerware Safe N
Drop Ship N
Container Size Pint
Independent Test Nontoxic Y
Lead Free Y

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