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Blue Dolphin

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Not Dinnerware Safe Not Dinnerware Safe
Can not use in Grades Pre-k-6 Can not use in Grades Pre-k-6
WARNING: This product can expose you to Cobalt compounds and respirable silica which are known to the State of California to cause cancer.

Georgies Raku glazes are designed to create striking effects when fired using the Raku process. Raku is a special technique, an overview of which appears under 'Tips'. You must Raku fire these glazes to produce the effects shown. Results will vary from firing to firing even with the same clay and glaze. Each piece will be truly unique. Raku ware is never Dinnerware Safe or water tight: it is for decorative items only. 

PG811 Blue Dolphin
is a favorite dry patina glaze featuring a deep blue background with brilliant flashes of copper and deep purple. Flame-like streaks of silver, orange and rose may occur where the glaze is thinner. If too thin, brushstrokes may show. 

Raku is a special technique generally done outdoors in a gas-fired kiln. Work is fired quickly to the glaze maturing temperature. (Georgies Raku glazes mature at approx. 1830 F or Cone 06.) Pieces are removed from the kiln using tongs while they are still red hot and placed in barrels of combustible materials, covered and allowed to reduce. Pieces may be allowed to cool completely at this point or can be removed and quenched in water. Different combustible materials (paper, straw, sawdust, etc), length of reduction and speed of cooling will produce different results. 

Much care must be taken during this entire process. Protective gloves and clothing are necessary as you will be working in close proximity to extreme heat and open flame. Do not attempt raku without proper equipment and training. 

Weight 1.7
Application Method Brushing
Firing Temperature Cone 06
AP Non-toxic N
Independent Test Nontoxic N
Dinnerware Safe N
Drop Ship N
Container Size Pint
Series Raku
CL Health Label Y
Lead Free Y

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