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9 inch System Barrel (mild steel)

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A 9" 'mild steel' barrel for extruding medium to large clay forms.

The Bailey Clay Extruding “System” is designed to offer easy extruding for both large and small scale clay forms. The system concept refers to the fact that a series of different barrels will fit into a “common” drive frame. Each barrel is designed to cover a specific clay extrusion range, For instance, the 9” barrel will comfortably extrude large tube clay forms. This “overlapping” system approach reduces the overall cost for equipment since only one drive frame is required to plunge all system barrels. See 'Details' for more information.

This is a 'mild steel' barrel with the widest clay extrusion range of any single barrel- medium to large clay forms up to 8" across. Mild steel can rust over time and should be cleaned and dried after each use. (Bailey Clay Extruder System Barrels can be removed from the Drive Frame for easy cleaning.) Stainless Steel is recommended if you are extruding porcelain or are concerned about rust.

The 9" Barrel is unique in that it is essentially a 5" Barrel with an Expansion Box permanently welded to it. If the Die Adapter (M-500-025) is used, the Expansion Box can be bypassed and it can be used as a 5" Barrel. As a result, the clay extrusion range of the 9" Barrel covers both the 5" and 9" ranges if the Die Adapter is used.

The 9" Barrel comes with (1) 4" Square Tube Die and (2) 11" x 13" Wood Blank Dies. (Die Adapter sold separately.)

Extrusion Range: 
From 9" Expansion Box- Hollow tubes from 4" to 8" across.
With Die Adapter- Multiple solid clay coils (single small solid clay coils will not extrude well from this barrel due to the amount of clay the barrel holds- the 4" Barrel is recommended for single solid clay coils), hollow clay tubes from 2" - 3" square or round.

Barrel Capacity: 29 lbs of clay (including Expansion Box)
Die Plate Dimensions: 11" x 13", 5" x 6" w/Die Adapter
Brace: System Braces (M-500-027) for 11" x 13" plates, Standard Die Brace (M-500-026) for 5" x 6" plates.
Recommended Die Kit: EBX Die Kit (M-500-024), Standard Die Kit (M-500-023) w/Die Adapter

Each 9" barrel comes with a stainless steel center die support. The support consists of a stainless steel pipe which spans horizontally inside the bottom of the 5" plunging section of the barrel. An eyebolt  hangs from the center of the pipe and extends through a hole in the birch die in the center.  Then a washer and wing nut is attached underneath the die. Two small stainless bolts (located either side of the 5" barrel) are tightened inward so they extend into the hollow of the stainless pipe and keep it in place. This stainless support prevents the center of the birch die from bending and breaking due to pressures from the clay being forced down from the plunge section of the barrel. You still use the "C-clamps" at 4 points at the perimeter of the die to clamp the exterior wood to the steel expansion box. This hanger support is only used with 6" and 8" large tubes. When it isn't necessary, remove it from the barrel by withdrawing the two small bolts sufficiently to remove the stainless pipe.

Weight 37
Die Plate Diameter 11x13 Std or 5x6 Sys. Brace
Barrel Capacity 29 lbs
Extrusion Range "4""-8"" Round or Square"
Material Mild Steel
Drop Ship N
Ship Via UPS

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