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300 Series Sample Pack

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Dinnerware SafeDinnerware Safe
AP Non-toxic AP Non- Toxic

Spectrum’s 300 Series Ultraglazes are a very versatile line. They can be used in 4 ways: as Majolica Colors, Underglaze, Low Fire Glaze or Mid Range Glaze.

As Majolica, 1st apply 2-3 coats of a base white glaze to a Cone 04 bisque piece (Spectrum recommends #799 Majolica White- see Spectrum’s 700 Series colors) and allow to dry thoroughly. Paint 300 series colors directly on top of the unfired white glaze surface: One Coat gives the traditional Majolica look in which some of the white background shows through. Two Coats will yield more opaque colored designs. Fire to Cone 05.

As Underglaze, apply to Cone 04 bisque. One Coat for semi-transparent color: Two Coats for semi-opaque color: Three Coats for solid opaque coverage. Allow to dry thoroughly and cover with 2 coats of #700 clear. Fire to Cone 05.

As Low Fire Glaze, apply 3 brushed coats to Cone 04 bisque and fire to Cone 05. The colors will vitrify with a medium-gloss surface: (not quite as shiny as the 700 Series Glazes).

As Mid Range Glaze, apply 3 brushed coats to Cone 04 bisque and fire to Cone 5. Colors will be bright and glossy.

All the 300 Series colors are AP Non-Toxic and Dinnerware Safe when used and fired as described above.

Includes 4 oz. each of:

SP-301 White
SP-305 Orange
SP-306 Yellow
SP-315 Black
SP-325 Lime
SP-333 Turquoise
SP-336 Bright Blue
SP-357 Leaf Green
SP-364 Bright Green
SP-365 Bright Purple
SP-368 Christmas Red
SP-799 Majolica White Base Glaze




Weight 6
Series 300 Ultraglazes
Container Size 4 oz
Application Method Brushing
Firing Temperature Cone 06-6
CL Health Label N
Independent Test Nontoxic N
Drop Ship N
AP Non-toxic Y
Lead Free Y
Dinnerware Safe Y

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