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29 MM Lamb Hair Brush

SKU:   C-128-010
Price:   $2.90    Each
Sale Price:   $2.18

The more coarse feel of this brush makes it useful for bold glazing and coloring. The bristles measure approx. 3/16"W x 1-1/8"L and come to a point at the end.

Oriental Brush Care 

When new, some Oriental Brushes have starched bristles to protect and maintain their shape during handling. Loosen the bristles and wash out with water to remove this starch. Prior to each use, soak the brush-head in water to remove all the air, then form bristles into a point: you are now ready to paint. After each use, rinse thoroughly with cool water, reshape bristles and allow to air dry. If possible, hang from the handle (bristles down) when not in use.
Material Lamb Hair
Length 9"

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