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Econo Pack 1

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Dinnerware SafeDinnerware Safe
Can not use in Grades Pre-K-6

Spectrum’s Electric Ash Glazes are an exciting line of 6 colors designed to imitate the age-old tradition of using ashes as a glaze in wood fired kilns. All colors are translucent, and are designed to “gather and run” much like a traditional ash glaze. The variety of colors is inspired by the different effects that come from using various fruit trees as a source of ash in reduction. They can be used on their own or over other glazes. All are oxide based and will create fascinating new colors when overlapped with other glazes. Note: these glazes flow during firing and application should be thinner near the bottom of your piece to avoid having glaze run onto the shelf. All glazes are Dinnerware Safe. Toxicity ratings vary: see ‘Specs’ for this information under each color. Apply to Cone 04 bisque and fire to Cone 5.

This convenient Econo-Pack contains (1) Pint of each color in the Electric Ash Series.

Weight 12
Application Method Brushing
CL Health Label Description Can not use w/children Pre-k -Grade 6
Firing Temperature Cone 4-6
Series Electric Ash
AP Non-toxic N
Independent Test Nontoxic N
Drop Ship N
Container Size Pint
CL Health Label Y
Lead Free Y
Dinnerware Safe Y

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