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4 Oz Sample Pack

SKU:   C-SP-1100-SAM-4Z
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Dinnerware SafeDinnerware Safe
Can not use in Grades Pre-K-6

Spectrum’s 1100 Series Stoneware Glazes come in a variety of colors and surface finishes. All of these glazes are Dinnerware Safe except 1116, 1187 and 1188. Toxicity ratings vary: see ‘Specs’ under individual colors for this information. Available in liquid Pts and Gals for brushing or dry for dipping. Apply to Cone 04 bisque and fire to Cone 5.

Includes 4 oz. each of:

SP-1100 Transparent
SP-1107 Black
SP-1108 Yellow
SP-1115 Text. Moonscape
SP-1118 White
SP-1138 Lime
SP-1140 Text Kiwi Fruit
SP-1145 Text. Autumn
SP-1154 Text. Iron
SP-1159 Green Stone
SP-1173 Running Hot Chowder
SP-1194 Christmas Red

Weight 6
Series 1100
Container Size 4 oz
Application Method Brushing
CL Health Label Description Can not use w/children Pre-k -Grade 6
Firing Temperature Cone 4-6
AP Non-toxic N
Independent Test Nontoxic N
Drop Ship N
CL Health Label Y
Lead Free Y
Dinnerware Safe Y

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