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Small Tools - Specialty Tools - Magnifying Visor & Fluting

Magnifying Lens Visor
Do your eyes get tired and blurry when performing intricate brush work? This visor is the answer! It makes it infinitely easier to do a variety of detailed designs. The visor is lightweight and you can even wear your regular glasses under it. The hood section of the visor flips up and out of the way when you don’t require magnification. There are actually two sets of magnifying lens under the hood for two levels of magnification. The velcro band makes it easy to adjust for a perfect fit.

C-091-002 Magnifying Lens Visor $25.80


Fluting Tool
This stainless steel fluting tool makes it easy to carve pots with beautiful designs and exacting control. The unique design includes panels on the side of the cutting loop that act as “runners” (like on a sled) to maintain a consistent depth as you cut. This makes for a fluid stroke. Each tool has two fluting designs: rounded and pointed.

C-091-001 Fluting Tool $13.00

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