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Small Tools - Tools - Doo Woo Tools - Paddle, Anvil, Knife Rib, Cut-Off & Apron

25% Off List on All Doo Woo Brand Tools.
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Doo Woo Potter’s Tools, designed in the ancient style by Prof. Dong-Hun Chung of Won Kwang University in Korea, reflect ancient Korean pottery traditions in both their form and function. Hand-crafted with great care, each tool is a work of art in itself You won’t find more durable, functional and beautiful pottery tools anywhere!



Basic Tool Sets
Your choice of 3 Basic Tool Sets each with a selection of some of the most popular DooWoo throwing tools. *Please note the wood color may vary from the images shown.

12-Piece Basic Tool Set (#1-A)

5-Piece Basic Tool Set (#1-A-5)
8-Piece Basic Tool Set (#1-A-8)




Wooden Paddle
Indispensable for sculpture, handbuilding as well as wheel work to alter both the shape and texture of clay forms. Often used opposite with the Anvil (C-093-002) to expand and shape vessel forms or join large sectional pieces on the wheel. The Paddle has one smooth side and one with a broad “cross-hatch” texture cut into the surface. It is a substantial tool made of beautiful dark hardwood with a silky-smooth sealed finish and a comfortable, contoured grip. The “paddle” length measures approx. 7½” and is slightly tapered from 2½” to 21/8” wide and ¾” to ½” thick. The overall length (incl. handle) is 13½”.

C-093-001 Wooden Paddle $7.62


Large Ongi Style Wood Paddle
This Massive paddle is an excellent tool for shaping large pots. Originally designed for Korean Ongi Jars, this tool is great for any large handbuilding project. The comfortable handle and Cross Hatched textured surface make shaping with this a pleasure. This have the classic Doo Woo Hardwood finish. The Large Paddle is 16-1/2" long.

Large Ongi Style Wood Paddle

Small Ongi Style Wood Paddle

Large & Small Spade Paddle
These dagger shaped paddles have the same classic finish as the rest of Doo Woo tools, and are shaped in a useful design. With a smooth surface on both sides, the edges are drawn to a point to allow the paddle to reach in tight spots and create distinct edges between joined sections of hand-built pots. This is a light weight and versatile tool you will be sure to use again and again. The Large Spade Paddle is 13-1/2" long and the Small is 11-1/2" long.

Large Spade Style Paddle

Small Spade Style Paddle

A unique tool you’ll soon find indispensable in your studio. Maybe used in conjunction with the Paddle (C-093-001) or alone, on the wheel or freehand to expand and shape all types of “vessel” forms. Hold the Anvil against the interior wall and paddle the opposing exterior surface to gradually stretch and shape the piece while compressing the wall for a structurally as well as visually strong form. This tool’s double-ended design allows you to work on a wide range of sizes and shapes. Made of smooth-finished, solid hardwood with a contoured grip, with a broad “cross-hatch” texture cut into each end surface. The Anvil measures approx 2” in diameter at the small end and 3¾” diam. at the large end. Overall length is approx. 4½”.

C-093-002 Anvil $17.80



Wood Knife
An especially well-designed wooden knife with smooth contours for a comfortable grip. The “blade” end is honed to a hard sharp edge with a very fine pointed end to cut, score and scrape cleanly, The other end features a sharp, wide toothed serration for scoring and texturing. Made of dense, sealed hardwood to hold up under heavy use and even the coarsest clays. Overall size approx. 8½” long x 1¼” wide.

C-093-003 Wood Knife $3.90


Wood Rib
Another “common” tool with a unique design, this rib features concave and convex curves in two sizes as well as a variety of “corners” for a multitude of clay shaping options. Smoothly finished and sealed, with edges sharp enough to move cleanly over the clay surface but not too sharp to hold. Overall size approx, 4¾” x 2”.

C-093-004 Wood Rib $2.60


Heavy-Duty Cut Off Wire
A standard tool with a superior design, the heavy braided stainless wire measures approx. 22” and is firmly anchored in two massive 3½” long x 7/8” Diameter hardwood handles. The special contoured design of the handles provides a firm comfortable grip, even when wet, resulting in a much-improved version of a “classic” tool: the best we’ve ever seen!

C-093-005 Heavy-Duty Cut Off Wire $3.12


A smart, “split-leg” style apron especially well suited to throwing but equally effective for all types of clay and glaze work. Adjustable straps at the neck and waist allow a comfortable custom fit. The cotton/canvas fabric is very sturdy and securely stitched, yet lightweight for easy all-day wear. Two small leg pockets and one wide chest pocket hold your favorite tools at the ready while you work. Approx. 43“ long: One size fits all. Colors vary- current stock will be sent.

C-093-006 Apron $19.70

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